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25 March 2017

Mandala Magic Colouring Book

Mandala Magic Colouring Book, is published by Pegasus. I got the Midnight Edition

All the designs are printed on black paper, which makes for a striking affect when they are coloured.

There is a mix of small detailed mandala, and also designs that have slightly larger patterns, which will be good for shading.

I generally use pencils when colouring, but on this design I did a mix or Pencils - using Rymans Blending Pencils and Sakura Glitter Gel Pens.
The glitter affect doesn't show well on this photo, but it does look lovely, especially in the light.

I don't normally use pens, but I wanted to check on how the paper handled ink, rather than pencil.

The book does advise that colourist use a piece of card inbetween designs, when using pens. I normally use paper, but I followed the advise and used card.
The gel pens I used are slow drying, so the paper stays wet for longer. The paper handled this very well, and it didn't bleed through.

The image printing is OK, not as clear as I would normally like, but not so much of an issue that is spoils the finished project.

Overall I do like this book, some of the designs are stunning and I can see scope for me to be able to do some nice blending with my pencils 😃

Lilac Fairy

I had a selection of fairy toppers in my stash, and used another of those to make this card.
The artwork is lovely and subtle, love the colour work. I have always appreciated detailed colour work in art, and especially now that I do a bit of colourist work myself

I worked mostly in purplel and lilac tones for the card, juntil I came to the flower embellishment.
I wanted something to stand out, so used bright yellow card to make the flower. I haven't used this Marriane Cutting die for a while too, it has lovely detail on the petals.

Lots of pattern and elements of interest to catch the eye for this project 😊

20 March 2017

Detailed Floral Adult Colouring

This colouring page is from a book, Craft Sensations Colouring Book, that I no longer have, I took out some of my favourite pages and donated the rest of the book to the Charity I work for.

I used the Marco Raffine Oil pencils I have to colour this design. I find I can blend these pencils better than my other set and I have the 72 pencil set, so lot more colours for me to work with.

I saw a video of a slightly different way to laying down colours, which I am practicing. The darkest shade layered first and then gradually lighter shades layered, to help blend away the colour lines that occur.

This is opposite to what I had learned, so it is taking some getting use to and I have had to adapt this technique already, as I find I don't always get the darkest layers in the right areas, if I put those down first.

However, I am happy with the end result, the flowers look nice, smooth coverage. And I am also not leaving so much white, I am colouring the lighter areas that I want in a very pale complimentary colour.
The larger flowers, I used Orange, Yellow and Cream, and the same for the smallest flowers.
The medium sized flowers are done in Dark Purple, Lilac and Pale Cream

The leaves I did the same technique working with Brown, Dark Green, and Pale Lime Green.

I didn't colour in the butterflies, as they are pretty small, and thought they would look better left monochrome.

This method I find is taking more layering, I will put down 3 layers, and quite often go back with the darkest and lightest colours again. Do like the finished project though, will continue to practice this blending and layering technique 😎

18 March 2017

Fairy Lady Card

I have a small collection of lovely detailed Fairy art toppers, had them quite a long time, but not gotten around to using them.

The artwork is quite delicate, I really like the lovely shades used in the artwork. And it gave me scope to choose a variety of colours to work with, to compliment the topper.

I still have a small collection of embossed stickers, which I used a tag one and border one on this card

The Owl was cut out in a deep green, made for a striking embellishment for this card, and the owl works so nicely with the Fairy design 😊

14 March 2017

Desktop Art Workstation

I do alot more artwork, be it drawing or colourist work in my craft room.
The table I use to do all my crafting, is a computer table, and I use an adjustanble chair.
However, I found with the drawing and colouring work, I was getting discomfort in my neck and shoulders.

So I got myself a desktop Workstation, which sits on top of my table.

The workstation folds down flat, which is really useful when you don't have alot of space.
Also I was really pleased to find this workstation light to carry. the wood for the folding section is quite sturdy, but the top section is plywood, much lighter.

I got mine from Amazon, and it is A2 in size, at first I wondered if this would be too large. However, I am pleased to have the extra space when the station is in situ.

Also it can tilt higher, so painters could use it as an easel

One thing I didn't get, were clips. I wasn't sure I would need them, but then realised my roll with my pencils wouldn't stay at the top of the workstation, without being clipped in place.
So something to consider if anyone gets one of these.

I am really pleased I got this tilted workstation, it has ease the discomfort I was getting in my neck and shoulders quite alot, so its more ergonomic, which is a good thing for posture.
Now I will be doing more colouring and art 😉

11 March 2017

Fancy Shoe Zentangle Art

Hello to all my blog visitors, I hope the collection of different art and craft projects are inspiring folks to try different things.

Today's project is one of my own pieces of art, Zentangle Inspired Art.

I used an outline of a shoe and decorated it with Zentangle Patterns.

I did enjoy this project, I don't get chance to wear fancy high heeled shoes myself, being an active person that walks alot. So this was fun, I designed my own shoe.

I coloured the artwork with pencils, using my set of Spectrum Sings, that I got from WHSmith. There aren't many colours in this set, but I do like how vibrant they are, especially for the price.

I will be offering the blank uncoloured version of this artwork for free, please do come and join the group to get access to my freebies - Free Zentangle Colouring Pages and Collage Toppers

6 March 2017

Feathered Art Deco

I used a Debbi Moore topper on this card. I do like the lovely shades of green/blue in the topper, though it was a bit of challenge to find elements in my craft stash to compliment those colours.

The backing paper I had, was very fussy, and would of overwhelmed the topper, so I added a piece of white card layering, which I patterned with one of my embossing folders.

There wasn't that much space left to be able to add embellishments, and also I didn't want detract from that lovely topper.
So I added a piece of ribbon, cut out a feather, and added a fancy tag, just enough to compliment the topper.

2 March 2017

Can You See The Owl?

Even though I do a bit of my own Zentangle Drawings to colour, I very much enjoy colouring designs from colour books, by other artists.

This design is from the Relax With Art colouring mag. I was gifted a copy and have since bought a few of the magerzines, which I noticed were regularily stocked in my local supermarkets.

I used my Spectrum Sings pencils that I got from WHSmith to colour this, and have now extended that set - which is only 36 pencils - by getting a small set of Ryman's Blending Pencils.

I decided to give myself a little challenge and work with blues, so this is all done with different shades of blue.

When I first started colouring this design, I didn't completely pick up the elements in this pattern.
Then I saw it - There are Two Owls 😊
I really liked how clever this project was, to combine two owls into the overall artwork, love stuff like this.

Im always looking to improve my shading techniques, and involved in various groups to learn tips. I managed to include a bit of shading in this design, which helped add some depth.

Just a little reminder that I offer free Craft Topper and Colourng Pages that I have designed for folks, on a Face Book Group - Free Zentangle Colouring Pages & Collage Toppers

25 February 2017

Cute Cat

I got some cute toppers with a craft mag, some time ago, and still had the odd one left in my craft stash.

I love the lilac tones in this topper, and thought the rose backing paper highlights those tones really well.

I decided to combine a few different cutting dies to make the embellishment, its almost like a mini scene on the card.
I would normally go for making flower embellishments with a topper like this, nice to be a little different