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I will be posting all my freebies on a Face Book Group to share high quality free art, both the collages and free ZIA projects for colouring.



27 March 2011

Roses Stepped Design

I like to do 3D Designs with different affects.  I think this lovely vintage rose topper looks good as a stepped 3D
The topper is from a Joanna Sheen Craft CD

21 March 2011

River Cottage Card

I don't get chance to do many scenic cards.  The Thomas Kincade collection from  a Joanna Sheen Craft CD is full of stunning scene views and I've finally got around to making a card with one of them.

13 March 2011

Vintage Oriental Lady

I do like this delicate vintage oriental design.  Came as three toppers, which I cut down to make into a 3D card.

I used modern flower toppers to compliment the design

Kanban Designs

A friend got me some Kanban lady 3D sheets for Christmas and I've just got around to using some of them.
There are lovely swirls in her dress, which Ive hightlighted a little with glitter
The design also came in Pink. A bit of glitter and delicate bows is all that they needed

4 March 2011


Who remembers bagpuss (LOL)

I recently got a few 3D designs that included some bagpuss sheets.  Great for those of us that remember Bagpuss from our childhood.
As well as being a nice design for kids.


I got requests last year for a some horse themed cards.

So was thrilled when I got a new Craft CD at end of last year from Joanna Sheen that included some lovely horses.

Trains for Men

I don't get chance to make many cards for men.  So it makes a nice change to have that opportunity. I did like this steam train design - from a Joanna Sheen CD -  great one for the train spotters.