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26 July 2011

Dames of Christmas 9 & 10

Two more of the cards from this great set of Festive Lady designs
I really like the costume this lady is wearing
And I felt this one is such a fun saucy design

22 July 2011

Regency Lady Card - Debbi Moore

I'm really pleased with this card.  I made it with a paper and topper from Debbi Moore's Craft Mag
I also used a Glitter Girls embossing board for the layers, the pearls I felt added a bit or class

17 July 2011

Dames of Christmas 7 & 8

I think this one is my favourite from the whole set of 12.
Such a delicate design and I love the colours.

I used an embossing folder for the layering, didnt need
much else for this card

Some of the designs are a little saucy in this set and this is one of those.  I used some lovely leafy paper with this one and border cut on my Cuttlebug, for threading the glitter ribbon

13 July 2011

Dames of Christmas - 5 & 6

Continuing with making cards with these lovely, funky designs.
Dame 5.  I do like how the artist has encorporated that theme of 12 Days of Christmas into all of these designs
 Dame 6.  This is one of my favourites of the set, love how the swans are draped around the edges

5 July 2011

Flowersoft - Wishing Well and Bike

These two flowersoft topper designs are a little different. Again I do love the artwork
I used two different colours of flowersoft on the wishing well
I also used two different colours on the bike, that compliment each other

Flowersoft - Lilac Floral Cards

It's been along time since I used my flowersoft toppers and products. I tend not to use them that often as they are bigger toppers and I need to make A5 cards with them.
I do love these two lilac basket toppers.  The artwork is so delicate and of course with the flowersoft they do look textured.
I made the 3 way ribbon bows with a Glitter Girls Bow Maker

3 July 2011

Dames of Christmas - Day 3 & 4

Two more Dames of Christmas using the designs by La Pashe
Dames 3, lovely funky design. So nice detail too, you cant see it all that well in this photo.
I used a small snowflake die shape for the embellishments in glitter card
Dame 4, is ever so elegant.  Such lovely detail in her dress and the bordering frame.  I used a border die cut shape with glitter ribbon for extra decoration

Mask Card

I got a couple of Mask Toppers recently and came up with this card using the gold one.  Something a little bit different.  I added pearls and glitter to the mask.