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30 September 2011

Vintage Lady Portait Card

I have a large selection of vintage images that I got from Dover Publications and Source CD's from Debbi Moore and other place.
I make a few of them into 3D sheets for my own use.  For this I made a lovely pink frame for this elegant vintage image and then made it into a 3D design.

I thought it had a great glamour look

Festive Bird Cards

Robins are always a favourite for festive cards

I made this with a Glynn Williams design from a Joanna Sheen CD.
I love the detail in this image, the snowing cottage background is so nice

This geese festive card is made with a design from the Festive Squeeze Craft CD. There are two sheets to each design, I tend to only use the 4 layered one.

Wonderful artwork, such nice detail, an image straight out of the countryside

15 September 2011

Christmas Cottage - Thomas Kinkade

I made this lovely design from a Joanna Sheen Craft CD into a stripped 3D Design.
I really like the affect

9 September 2011

Crystal Dreams Festive Lady - Debbi Moore

I didn't get chance to use the designs from the Crystal Dreams CD by Debbi Moore last christmas.

So it was lovely to finally get to use one of the snow ladies on this CD.  Love the cool blue colour, gives it an icy feel

Art Deco Couple - Festive

I really like the classy Art Deco theme, and this Debbi Moore design, made from one of her Craft CD's  a lovely festive one.  Good for a couple at Christmas

7 September 2011

Cars and Bikes - Cards for Men

Its rare to be able to put up cards for males up on my blog.  These are a couple of vintage designs.

Scooters. I've had one myself in the past.  A good theme for the guys

The old mini. My first car was the old mini only mine was yellow - LOL
How many of the men in our lives had one of these nippy little run arounds in their youth

2 September 2011

Scenic Christmas - Glynn Williams

I've made a few scenic Christmas cards this year.
I have a lovely CD that Joanna Sheen brought out with artwork from Glynn Williams
I do like this horse and carriage scene, going through the village. Its very victorian and very festive.

This village winter village scene is from the same CD. I love all the snow on the trees and the thatched cottage.
Considering how the winters have been in the UK this past couple of years, I wonder if we'll see more scenes like this.