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31 August 2012

Village Church Christmas Card

This card was made with lovely artwork by Glynn Williams. From a Joanna Sheen craft CD

The detail in the artwork is so nice, you can almost feel that snow :D

I was given the deer embellishment in a swap, thought it went well with this winter scene.

Of course there is glitter on it, honest - LOL

I made this card for the Winter Wonderland - Walking in Winter Wonderland Challenge

30 August 2012

Gold Bells Christmas Card

I made this card with a Dufex festive design.
The holly bell design was quite fiddly to cut out, not something I could of done if I wasnt using a crafting knife.

I embossed the gold layer.  And used Memory Box holly vine die and Marriane pointsettia die to make the embellishment.

27 August 2012

Autumn Vintage Lady - Free Art

I really like elegant lady designs.  To finish the topper off I combined this lady topper with vintage frames and embellisments.
 I hope folks enjoy using this topper for their card making

Click on the image and then save to PC

26 August 2012

Dufex Robin Festive Cards

I had a couple of lovely Dufex Robin designs in my stash, and though they are only small, there is a lot of detail in the images.

I made the embellishment is cutting out with vellum a Marianne poinsettia die. And using it with a Marainne swirl die.

Not a lot on the card as its the stunning dufex robin design I like so much.
This robin dufex design I wasn't as keen on. So I used my Provo snowflake die and Memory Box holly vine die to make the embellishment around the edge

I think there was too much background for me on this dufex robin, but thats just my thoughts :D

25 August 2012

Dufex Festive Candle Card

Another of the dufex designs I have in my stash, that I finally made myself use.

The detail in this design is lovely, though again you don't get the full affect in a photo
A fiddly design to cut out with all the holly and fern edging.

I used snowflakes and a swirl die to make the extra embellishments.
The snowflakes are glitter paper, and the ribbon has glitter threads, so quite a nice sparkly card.

22 August 2012

Dufex Santa Card

This is a lovely vintage design for this dufex santa sheet.
It's only small though so I used my Memory Box holly vine die to make an extra embellishment.

All that holly, and tree pruce was a pain to cut out as dufex is so easy to damage. I always use a sharpe cutting knife when Im cuting out this material

Made this for the Vintage Challenge on Craft Place Blog

17 August 2012

Festive Skating Card

I made this card with a Faye Whittaker design from a Joanna Sheen Craft CD

I love the old world look to the design and it's something I've never had the guts to try - Ice Skating - not with my balance - LOL

I used a Marianne poinsettia die and Memory Box holly vine die to make the embellishment.

I made this card for the Winter Wonderland Winter Sports Challenge

Fun Reindeer with Tree Card

This design is from my large Dover Art collection
I made it into a 3D design to make up into a card.

Love the fun faces on these reindeer, a fun card for anyone of any age I think at christmas time

There is glitter on the tree decorateions and I added a glitter star at the top of the tree as an extra embellishment.

I don't make many amusing cards to be honest, as I tend to prefer more detailed, elegant artwork. So it's nice to do one for a change.

16 August 2012

Dufex Bauble Festive Card

I've a small collection of dufex festive sheets , which Im  finally decided to use.
The detail in the design isn't shown at it's best in the photo, you just don't get the full affect.

Very simple card this time, as I didn't want to distract from this lovely, detailed design.

Not an easy product to work with is Dufex, I really don't like cutting it out. And there waws a lot fo firn and holly to cut around on this design

14 August 2012

Winter Blue Tit Birds Card

I used this stunning Blue Tit bird design from the Festive Cottages Squeeze Craft CD

Lovey detailed artwork, and I did add  a bit of glitter to that lovely snowy roof.

I used my Marianne poinsettia die and Memory box holly vine die, to make the embellishment. Cutting it out in pale green glitter card.

Embossing and a bow, just added a bit of luxury.

This card does sparkly lovely in the light, just a shame that doesn't show in the photo.

I am having real fun making this years festive cards, and trying to use designs I hadn't used last year.  Also trying to make every card unique. No doubles for me LOL

11 August 2012

Snow Village & Geece Card

I have a small selection of Squeeze card Craft CD's. I dont tend to use them as squeeze cards though, just as normal 3D

The detail in the artwork is just stunning, I love how English it looks.
This lovely festive scene has a lot going on, always seem to see something different when I look at it.
I also used my Provo Snowflake Die and Marianne Swirl die to make the extra embellishment.
Really pretty with the gems.

10 August 2012

Festive Horse Sledging Card

Another card made with the large Trinitage designs by La Pashe.

Again, not a lot I could add to this card with the design being so big. There is glitter on those lovely snowy trees, though it doesnt show well in this photo.

The designs are very nice, old worldy

7 August 2012

Sweetpea Floral Topper - Free art

These lovely flowers will make a great card, and I like the frame I made to go with it and flourishes I used to.

Click on the image, for larger version, and save to PC

4 August 2012

Ice Skating Card

I got some large festive designs last year - Trinitage Christmas by La Pashe

The designs are quite large, so I needed to make an A5 card. As I dont make many of this size, I will probably take a while to use up these lovely designs

Not much else can be fitted on the card with such a big design, but I did add a bit of glitter and include a bell embellishment.

1 August 2012

Festive Black Farm Cat Card

I used a design from a J Sheen Craft CD, artwork by Glyn Williams.
Love the detail in the artwork. Such a lovely wintery scene and I love cats too.

I did a little bit of embossing on this, adding a patterned panel, I've seen it done on other cards and like the affect. Though not sure mine looks as good.