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4 July 2013

Delicate Pink Fairy Card

I have had this girl fairy design in my stash for ages.  It's lovely artwork, and Ive since seen it available on craft CD

The design sheet came with its own backing paper, which I used on this card.

And I used a Spellbinders Border cutting die to decorate the pattern card I also used, you dont see much of that though.
Never sure about this kind of layout, I always feel if I'm going to use a border die, that I should show off more of the pattern

Very delicate affect with colours, so stay with pale white and pinks thoroughout.


  1. Very pretty delicate card. Love Alison xx

  2. Very pretty card and I know what you mean about using borders and them covering them up.

  3. beeautiful card,i think that about borders also. sue xx

  4. That's a very pretty card. I don't see a problem with covering up most of the border, if you're anything like me when I design a card, I never quite know where everything is going to go until just before it's stuck down! I like the way the fairy's dress matches the patterned paper. Maddy x

  5. Lovely card Trace i have some faries from Dufex in my stash needing to be used
    Margaret xx


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