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1 October 2013

Oriental Portraite - Free Art

You dont see as much oriental art used in card making now, which is a shame.
Here's a design Im offering from my collection, hope crafters enjoy making a card with this lovely topper

Click on image for larger version and save to PC


  1. You are absolutely right about Oriental cards. As beautiful as the images are,Nobody seems to want to make them, i made one and put it in my gallery,on the cardmaking forum i belong to,and no one seemed to like it.And i haven't seen anyone else make them.
    I would love to do them but no point if people don't like them .Such a shame.Love the free picture and will save it thank you.Rosie.x

  2. Pretty topper I have never been into oriental cards so although I have made a few they don't sell when I take them to card fairs so don't bother anymore. Love Alison xx


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