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4 October 2013

Snowy Christmas Wreath Card

Its October - DONT PANIC - just keep telling myself that as I realise there is only a few weeks until I have to start sending my Christmas Cards out in the post :D
And would you believe, I still don't have enough made!

This is one of the lovely digital designs Ive had for a while but not used before
Its too detailed really to make into a 3D design, so I just used it as a single layer

I used my cutting dies with the topper, a frame and snowflakes.
The snowflakes with cut out with scraps of glitter paper :D

As always I am very much enjoying making my festive cards, though it is hard at times to think of new ways to use the artwork I have in my collection.

I do try and make every card in a year different, and as I have to make about 80 festive cards for friends and family, that can be a challenge.


  1. Gorgeous card such a pretty image. Love Alison xx

  2. Beautiful image love the die-cut frame and snowflakes
    Carol x

  3. such a lovely card I love the snowflakes and the image. I haven't started mine yet oops determinded not to be on the last minute xx

  4. Lovely image and the frame is very pretty.

  5. Very pretty, a lovely card. Good luck with the next 80. I hope your mojo is well rested.

  6. Pretty card, your frame enhances the lovely image really well

  7. A really effective card.
    Heike xx

  8. Beautiful card - love the holographic frame
    Linda x


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