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30 November 2013

Stepping Stone 2to - Craft Sessions

During a chance meeting, I was asked if I would be able to set up Craft Sessions for members of the Stepping Stone 2to Group - Stepping Stones 2to Details

Over the past few months I have gotten to know this great group of people, who have warmly welcomed me into their circle.

I have been able to set up Craft Sessions to enable the members of the group to make their own embellishments to make cards.  It’s been a challenge to think up different themes, but also very rewarding for me. This has been as much a learning experience for me as it is for the Group members, one that I am finding very enjoyable.

A recent Craft Session involved making festive socks, with extra embellishments. The photo’s are of the various members with their completed projects.


I make templates for the members to create the embellishments. They are learning many skills to complete each project
It’s so nice to see how they are enjoying the craft sessions and I always feel thrilled when we complete the projects.

Earlier this year there was a piece in a local newspaper about the Stepping Stones 2to Group. It’s a lovely article about the members of the group and the man that runs it. –
Times and Star - Support Group Article


  1. Well done Trace you need a big pat on the back hope you can continue next year

  2. What a worthwhile project. The cards look great.


It is always nice to see comments left for something I have made. So many thanks for posting your thoughts