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I will be posting all my freebies on a Face Book Group to share high quality free art, both the collages and free ZIA projects for colouring.



30 May 2013

Boy with Boat Card

I don't get chance to make many male themed cards.  I must be honest I prefer to make lady themed cards as I can be more fancy with those

I used a lovely Faye Whitaker design for this card, from a Joanna Sheen craft CD. I do like the style of this artist, its delicate, with a vintage feel, but not too old fashioned.

I used a cutting die to shape the bottom layer of this 3D design, quite like that idea. Its nice to be able to match it in with other layers too

I used a Marianne cutting die for the corners, came with one of the Frames Ive got.  As soon as I saw it I thought it would make a good corner

28 May 2013

Dufex Bear

I dont get to use many teddy designs, havent had many in my stash.  I think teddies can look quite cute, but not really been a theme I've been attracted to that much.

This nice dufex one Ive had a for a while, and finally decided to use it to make a card

Kept this simple really, just use my X Cut layering dies (great value these a good alternative to Spellbinder)
And I also used a Memory Box swirl die, do like this one, has a nice twist to the shape.  A little bow to finish that off.

25 May 2013

Square Mini Book

I enjoyed doing a mini book recently, so decided to do another, a Square one this time

This is the front of the book, I used a 3D pink floral design with Marianne circular frame Die. I embossed the layer on this die too.
Loved the textured look to this first page, went with bright pinks , yet it still looks subtle

This page was made using a Debbie Moore design from one of her craft mags.
I love the artwork, very elegant.
Going with the classy black look, I used a lot of black in this card.  I used a Creelies floral Cutting die for the flower embellishment.

I love animals, so wanted to include a pet design in this mini book
The topper, is a 3D design I have had for a while, those cats are so cute.

I used a fancy floral topper for the embellishment with a Memory Box swirl Die

I focused on the lilac in with this page

I wanted to include a Rubber Stamped page and I used a free stamp I got with a craft mag  to make this page
I embossed with copper glittered embossing powder, and kept with this rustic bronze look as much as possible.

Again used a Memory Box swirl die with a bow, for the embellishment
I wanted a Peel Off page too, though not got so many left in my stash of these

I made this with a handbag peel off, there is some detail on the design, but its a little lost as I used a very detailed backing paper with the Peel Off
A little bit of embossing on this page. And used a Marianne Floral cutting die to make the embellishment
I have had some lovely tea pot toppers in my stash for a while, and used one to make this page
Lovely patterns in the tea pot, so I focused on the blue and silver tones for this page

I used a Marianne frame die too

Really enjoyed making this mini book.  I ended up giving it away as a prize at my Knitting Group and had a lot of interest in how it was made :D

22 May 2013

Art Deco Lady in Black Card

I hadn't worked with an Art Deco design for a while, so felt the need to print out a Debbie Moore design from one of her Craft CD's - I think this is from the Art Deco Rome CD

Kept this reasonally simple. I wanted to work with peach, bronze and black, and tried to keep to those colours as much as possible.

I made the bow, and added a little bit of black glitter to it, for a change
And used a Nellies Swirl cutting die, only a small one this die, but I quite like the delicate affect.

Was nice to get to use one of my embossing panels on the bronze layer (I cut that layer using a Glitter Girls embossing board)
I do like embossing panels, they just add a little bit of interest and I still remember when I didnt have the facility to do this and embossed card being so expensive to buy!

18 May 2013

Dufex Butterfly Card

Workingwith the 6"x6" size card gives me a square base to work with different layouts

This card I used a dufex butterfly design Ive had in my stash for ages
And I decided to use different panel layering for the topper, and behind it - using a bit of embossing on that piece.

I also finally got to use my Craft Too Swirl cutting die. Its the biggest one Ive got, and just about fits on a 6" card, but I do love it. I just added gems to the flower section on the die :D

I often have problems doing different layouts for my cards due to working mostly wtih 5"x7" sized base cards. However, I am enjoying this size Ive used for a change, and may get another pack of them in future.

9 May 2013

Dufex Makeup Card

I have a small selection of Dufex designs in my stash, that Ive cooed over for ages and thought too nice to use
But this year I decided I am going to use up the sheets and papers that I couldnt make myself use in the past :D

This was a lovely design in my stash, Im actually not one for makeup, so it's probably one of the reason Ive not used this before

But it is a lovely girl design and works so well with the Marianne Frame die, I also used a Marianne butterfly die.  And a Memory Box swirl die.

The base card is a 6" x 6" size, which I think works much nicer with the Marianne Frame Dies I've got.  Just not a size I use that often.

7 May 2013

Dufex Pink Rose Card

You can't go wrong with flowers, I love flower designs and especially roses

This was a nice little design Ive had in my stash for ages and finally made myself use it - LOL

I made it on a 6" x 6" card, so the Marianne Frame die works nicer, and I used a Memory Box Swirl die with a flower topper I had in my stash to make the embellishment.

Worked out quite delictae did this card, really like the pink look too.

I quite like to use contrasting colours or metalics on the swirl cutting dies I have, makes them stand out more as they are quite delicate and it's  shame to miss that affect.

2 May 2013

My Fair Lady in Red Card

I make this with a Debbi Moore design from one of her craft CD's

I love the range of designs from the My Fair Lady range, one of my favourites I think that Debbi Moore has released

I used my X Cut layering with this 3D sheet, as the pattern complimented the shape of the topper.  I used a lovely rose holographic sheet for one of the layers.

I made the embellishment with a Marianne Floral Die and Memory Box Swirl Die (this die has quickly become one of my favourites

I always use silicone glue to attach embellishments, it helps give me height if I need it, such as on this card with the flower and swirl.

Love the affect, such a delicate card

1 May 2013

Delicate Flower Fairies - Free Art

Such a delicate design to this topper, lovely subtle colours, that I managed to match in the frame for the topper too
Hope other crafters enjoy using this topper to make a card, click on the image and them save to your PC