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30 November 2013

Stepping Stone 2to - Craft Sessions

During a chance meeting, I was asked if I would be able to set up Craft Sessions for members of the Stepping Stone 2to Group - Stepping Stones 2to Details

Over the past few months I have gotten to know this great group of people, who have warmly welcomed me into their circle.

I have been able to set up Craft Sessions to enable the members of the group to make their own embellishments to make cards.  It’s been a challenge to think up different themes, but also very rewarding for me. This has been as much a learning experience for me as it is for the Group members, one that I am finding very enjoyable.

A recent Craft Session involved making festive socks, with extra embellishments. The photo’s are of the various members with their completed projects.


I make templates for the members to create the embellishments. They are learning many skills to complete each project
It’s so nice to see how they are enjoying the craft sessions and I always feel thrilled when we complete the projects.

Earlier this year there was a piece in a local newspaper about the Stepping Stones 2to Group. It’s a lovely article about the members of the group and the man that runs it. –
Times and Star - Support Group Article

Dancing Christmas Art Deco Couple

This card was made with a Debbi Moore design, from one of her craft mags.

This one has the festive couple dancing, really sweet image. I so love the swirl detail in the dress too - so elegant

I used a Tree Cutting Die this time, one I got free in a craft mag, so not sure of the make.  But very nice, such a lot of detail in it.

29 November 2013

Christmas Art Deco Couple

This christmas card was made with a Debbi Moore design, from one of her craft mags.

I love the detail in the dress, so nice, that flourish design. 

I used glitter to cut out the poinsettia and black for the flourish cutting die. I like black on a card, really stands out.
One of those colours I quite often forget to use.

There is now a list of the Cutting Dies I use on my blog  - Details of Cutting Dies Used

I thought it would be a good idea to set up a page like this, saves me trying to remember the various dies I have managed to collect :D

28 November 2013

Dog and Squirrel card

I still have birthday cards to make, this time of year. So it was a nice change to do something that wasn't festive :D

This design is from a Joanna Sheen craft CD. It has the cutest dog and cat designs, and I have yet to use them all in a card

This is the first time I've used this ever so cute pup with squirrel design. Went with subtle brown and cream tones for the backing paper, to blend in with that lovely brown on the dog.

27 November 2013

White Fur Christmas Lady

I made this card with a Debbi Moore design.

One of my favourite themes is elegant ladies and I just love Debbi Moore's artwork for that.

And don't I wish I had a dress like this and would look as elegant in it :D

Sometimes a card comes together and just know it works. And this is one of those cards.
The cutting dies used in the subtle tones of brown and gold work so well with the vellum backing I used on this card and with the gold in the ladies dress

I love this card :D

26 November 2013

Victorian Christmas Shopping

This scene reminded me a little of Christmas Carol.

Something about vintage scenes and fashion, that makes Christmas feel more festive.

And this is a design I had not had chance to use before, from my vast vault of images :D

I kept with blue tones, even when using the Holly cutting die. I liked the affect for this card.

Ive used a little bit of none traditional colours again for cards this year, it's nice to be different at times

Ice and Snow House

I made this card with artwork from one of my favourite artist - Thomas Kinkade
From a Joanna Sheen craft CD

I just love the detail in his artwork, it's such a pleasure to work with and you see so much when you look at the images

I used a moon patterned embossing folder on this card, thought it worked well with the snowflake backing paper.

Scenes like this are great for male festive cards

25 November 2013

Deer at Christmas

This design is one of Debbi Moore's - from a craft CD

It's not a festive design, but I wanted to use it, and thought it would work well as a festive card.

I've used the Tree cutting die and Holly cutting die to add a bit of festiveness too :D

Such a sweet deer, love it's face.

24 November 2013

Snug Cats and Christmas

This is a design that Ive finally got to use from my vast vault of artwork collection

It's one of those sweet images that if you have cats or ever had cats you can relate to.
The always find the comfy chair :D

I kept with the blue tones in this card, as I love the colour in that chair.

Of course played with cutting dies, the Snowflake works so well with that lovely Swirl die.

23 November 2013

Winter Mole Card

And todays card is - Mr Mole :D

This is such a sweet design, and I think it looks like a boy Mole - LOL

I love the flowers too, very wintery and a nice festive card without being too christmas. Would make a lovely winter birthday this design

I got to use Border cutting die on this card, something I don't often get chance to do. And of course that lovely Poinsettia cutting die, Im so pleased I got it.

Snowy Cottage Scene

Every day another festive card. And Im so enjoying it :D

Ive managed to sell some cards this year too, at a Craft Fair. So now having to work to replace those cards for ones I need myself for friends and family

This is lovely artwork from one of the Squeeze Card Craft CD's Ive got.  Im not sure if I've used it before, but who cares, its stunning :D

I used a Tree cutting die with this card, thought it added a bit of interest and they work so well in white

22 November 2013

Bright Festive Sock

I have quite a lot of lovely artwork that I purchased from Dover Publications.
I've spent quite alot of hours making frames, displays and also Decoupage sheets with this artwork and finally getting to use some design's I've had waiting in the collection :D

This is such a bright and modern design, I love it. And works so well as 3D

I used my cutting dies for the embellishment, been having fun working with the poinsettia and the various hollies and swirls to make nice affects.
And this card just needed glitter, so Ive cut the flower out in glitter card for a change

Dogs Christmas House Card

I’ve had this design in my stash for ages and not got around to using it.

Ever so cute, and I really like those snow trees in front of the house.

A great design for adding glitter too, though it doesn’t show very well in this photo.

I used an Ivy Cutting die on this card, in lovely red mirror board.  Its become quite versatile that die as I can use it for all kinds of occasions.

21 November 2013

Dufex Holly Candle Card

I love holly and festive candles at Christmas, they make for a lovely display.  So was pleased to use this detailed design to make a card.

The colours are unusual too, as I would not though of putting purple and red together – it works really well

My Frame cutting die works nice with this topper, and I used glitter card for the poinsettia and holly cutting dies – did like how that sparkles.

20 November 2013

Dufex Gold Bells Card

This gold festive bell design as a lovely vintage feel. I especially like the Holly detail on this design

I like how it works with the Frame cutting die I’ve got, and of course, had to use my Bell Bauble cutting die too.

I am enjoying using square cards, they make for an interesting working space, and I can fit the embellishments on in a more interesting way.

19 November 2013

Dufex Three Wise Men Card

There were three of these Dufex designs left in my stash and I think this is the last.
I thought the sheep were fun on this design

I liked how the Frame cutting die works with this design and again those lovely Ivy corners

Lovely affect with the colours on this, doesn’t show in photos, but when the light catches the card, its lovely

17 November 2013

Dufex Pretty Festive Baubles Card

I’ve nearly used up all the Dufex design I had in my stash. This is one of my favourite designs, love the colours and detail with the baubles and holly

I used a few cutting dies on this card, a Frame, Holly and Snowflake. The snowflake is so beautifully detailed, a little difficult to cut out, but very affective.  The combined dies make for a lovely display

16 November 2013

Winter Birds Card

I recently got some stunning, Vintage artwork from - Nice Crane Designs

I made this card with one of the winter bird toppers. I love the vintage look and also liked the detail in this lovely artwork

I made a subtle frame to go with the artwork - something I tend to do alot with Paint Shop Pro
And just added a few snowflake dies and glittered the topper.

Not much else needed I felt to finish off this lovely card

15 November 2013

Festive Victorian Lady in Red Card

This is a design from a Debbi Moore craft cd

I really like this design, it could easily be used as a birthday theme too. The detail is so nice

I made the embellishment with a holly cutting die, pearls and ribbon

Christmas is fast approaching and I am very busy still getting my cards done. Will be posting festive for days now :D

I always enjoy making festive cards though :D

Entered in Handmade Harbour Midweek-papercraft-party-13

13 November 2013

Classy Festive Art Deco Lady

I just had to do an Art Deco Lady for christmas.
This is a Debbi Moore design from one of her Craft CD's
The art deco lady isn't specifically festive, however, I think the red version of it works so well as a Festive Card

I love the artwork :D She's so sassy :D

I used a swirl and poinsettia cutting dies to make the embellishment.  Really liking how this card turned out.
And I think the swirls works wonderful with the pointsettia

12 November 2013

Kitten Christmas Card

Well back to festive cards, need to make more LOL

I really like this cute design. I love doing animal cards and not had much chance to use theat theme for christmas so far this year

I used a Poinsettia cutting die for the embellishment. There is a centre section for this die, but I prefer using a crystal gem to finish this embellishment.
This poinsettia die has become one of my favourites to use on my festive cards this year, Im so pleased I got this bigger size

11 November 2013

Racing Car Card

There were a couple of Male birthdays to make for recently, something I dont get chance to do often.

I used a Debbi Moore topper from one of her Craft Mags for this card.
The racing car scene is a great one for male cards.

I used a new cutting die on this card too - Gears die - cut out in silver mirror board.  I really like the affect of the different sized, patterned gears :D
I had chance to try a bigger gears cutting die, but it was a little too big.  These smaller ones I find make a more interesting display

10 November 2013

Lilac Kanban Lilac Art Deco Lady Card

Having a little break from festive cards, though I still have so many to make for this year.

This is the last of the Kanban Art Deco lady toppers I had in my stash. I really like the detail in this topper. The colours are so nice in the dress

I used a couple of cutting dies to make the embellishment - swirl and butterfly.
The butterfly is a recent one I added to my collection of dies, the detail is so nice:D
Its a little bigger than what I would normally used, but I think you need a big butterfly at times LOL

8 November 2013

Fluffy Owl Card

My old dog has been poorly and I've hardly slept for two days. So its amazing I've managed any crafting.

However, I made this card with a Debbi Moore design from one of her Craft CD's

I really like this artwork, very mystical looking. No idea what kind of owl it is though.

I used an Ivy cutting die for the corners, in a colour and pattern that works well with the colour theme of the 3D design

I really like the ornate frame that goes with this design, its so nicely detailed.

7 November 2013

Striped Lighthouse Card

I used a Debbi Moore artwork on this card, a topper from one of her Craft Mags

I quite liked the lighthouse artwork, and it made a nice 3D design.

I finally got to use a Watch Fog cutting die, by X Cut. There is another section to it, but I felt it looked better without the extra layer.

6 November 2013

Boat Scene Card

I used a topper from a Debbi Moore Craft Mag to make this card

I also managed to do a swap for the Cog Die cut shapes. I quite liked them, though I found them a little big. So I ended up getting a smaller sized gears cutting die

Ive been using the square shaped card more often, and quite enjoying the different layouts I can do.

I used textured card and ribbon for this card, which worked fine even though this was a mans card

5 November 2013

Angel in White

This in one of the Angel designs from a Debbi Moore craft CD

It isnt specifically festive, but I felt it would work well as a Christmas themed card

I used an embossing panel on the copper layering, and bell cutting die for the embellishment.

4 November 2013

White Carnations - Free Art

This year is flying by and nearly winter already. This lovely, delicate floral design could be used for a nice winter birthday card

Please do share the links to my free artwork with other crafters, they are great to get folks into using digital artwork for crafting.

Click on the image for larger version and save to PC

3 November 2013

Regency Green Christmas Lady

I used a Debbi Moore design to make this card
I love her elegant lady range, the detail is so nice

The elegant ladies also lend themselves to detailed embellishments. So I had fun using holly, poinsettia and ivy cutting dies on this card

2 November 2013

Christmas Cooking

This is a Jolly Nation 3D design, and Ive had fun using it with my Snowflake cutting die
The colours work well too, bit of pink for Christmas :D