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31 December 2013

My Favourite 2013 Papercraft Creations

I decided to look through the cards I had made this year and try and pick out my favourite projects.  I then realised just how busy I had been when I saw the amount of cards :D 
And then choosing Favourites, well that was so hard too. But it did help me see how much Cutting Dies have changed my crafting, for the better I feel :D

So I will share with folks the Projects I felt were my best this year -

I did a few Mini Books in 2013, which were great fun to make for a change.
Doing the various pages, all different, was a challenge. A fun challenge too.
I liked them all to be honest,  showing one of the Front pages to represent those projects

I didn't get chance to make many scenic cards this year, but I really like how this one turned out
The embossing board I used makes all the different too, and the colours all blend so well with Thomas Kinkade's stunning artwork

I did an Easel card this year, something I havent done in ages.  I really like Debbi Moore's designs, the artwork is stunning
And being able to do fantasy themed was nice too, one of those themes I would like to use more.

Of course my cutting dies came in handy again

Christmas cards seem to make up the bulk of the cards I make in a year, and it was really hard to choose my favourite cards from the selection I made in 2013.

This fun topper is a Debbi Moore one , from one of her craft mags. I so liked it for a change.
But it was the new Poinsettia and Holly dies I used on this card that really makes this one of my favourites

I made a decision to use up all my dufex that I had held on to for ages.
This the favourite card I made with the dufex designs, I love the colours and shape of it
Of course my cutting dies also came in handy and I do like how the swirl and snowflake compliments the 3D Design
I love the colours too, my favourites :D

Art Deco is still one of my favourite themes to use. And I loved this card I made with a sassy Art Deco lady design by Debbi Moore

I made it into a festive card, as the colours of the design work so well.  And again that swirl and poinsettia die just finished it all off

30 December 2013

Children on the Beach

This card was made with a design by Faye Whittaker, one got from Joanna Sheen
It's actually a 3D sheet, so the design is a little bigger than I would normally work with.

I loved the subtle tones, so keeping with those, I used lilac and white for the embellishment - using Swirl Cutting Die

And the embossed layer, using one my embossing folders.

It's gentle on the eyes, and made for a nice birthday - a look ahead I hope for a nice summer  in 2014 :D

Here's hoping 2014 is a Great Year :D

27 December 2013

Flower Toppers using Scraps

I got a Cutting/Embossing machine to be able to use up my scrap card and papers.

I now have a few different Flower Cutting Dies, and thought I'd mix and match them to make different types of flower toppers
Using various papers, plain, tissue, and patterned papers.

I also used glitter, metalic paints, gems, buttons and sequins to decorate the flowers.

Here are a few samples of what I have managed to create and it was so much fun making them.
I have really enjoyed using my metalic paints, something I rarely use, which is a shame as I have just lovely colours.  The sheen is so nice and it does give defination to the petals

Also I learned with of my flower dies work best together

Thicker paper and card is also very good for embossing a pattern into, I dont do this very often, but Ive some lovely embossing panels that would work well.
Most of my cards go in the post, so I have to be carefull how deep I make my flower toppers, however, I am happy with what I am able to create :D
And these flowers work well with my swirl dies and leave dies :D

25 December 2013

Vintage Ice Boots

Merry Christmas

I love this vintage artwork and made it into a 3D sheet to use on this card

There is glitter on the boots, though as usual it doesnt show up

And I used a Holly cutting die, with gems for a little extra embellishment.

24 December 2013

Vintage Santa in White

I made this card, with a lovely vintage design from my large collection of artwork

Its so subtle and delicate, and quite unusual to see Santa in White :D

I just did an embossed panel to go with this topper, using a half moon patterned folder.

Simple, but affective :D

22 December 2013

Festive Black Horse

This card was made with a black horse design Ive had in my digital collection for ages, and finally used :D

I thought it would make a nice festive card, the colour lent itself to christmas :D

I went with as much traditional colours as I could for the rest of the card, to make this card festive.

And used my Poinsettia and Holly cutting dies for the embellishment. And snowflake embossing folder

Im quite pleased with how this turned out :D

21 December 2013

Letter to Santa

I made this card with a design from a Joanna Sheen craft CD, artist Faye Whitaker.

I really like the vintage feel to this artwork, its nostalgic.

I used the Ivy corner cutting die and I went with red tones to hightlight the red in the design.

20 December 2013

Christmas Red Holly Fairy

I made this card with a Debbi Moore design, one of her lovely festive fairies.

Its ever so delicate, love all the detail, just asks for glitter of course :D

I used an Ivy cutting die for the corners, finding this set of corner dies very usefull.

And embossed the layering under the fairy, just a subtle touch

Kept with reds and gold as much as possible, those shades go well with the fairy lady

17 December 2013

Vintage Church at Winter

One from a Joanna Sheen craft CD, artwork by Glyn Williams

Ive used this design before, it is one of my favourites, and so nice to add glitter to all that snow :D

I also used a recent cutting die I got - Snow Skates die, works nicely with this design, especially done in white, with a touch of glitter

I had been wanting this die for a while, and so pleased I got it. :D

Ive entered this into the following challenges -

Just for Fun -Merry Christmas Challenge
Die Cut Divas - Happy Hollidays Challenge

Shire Horses in Winter

I used a Glyn Williams design, from a Joanna Sheen craft CD to make this card

The design is so sweet, one of my favourit horse designs to be honest

The backing paper is textured, very subtly so. 

And I used blue glitter card with Snowflake cutting dies for the embellishments. Took a little bit of cutting the very detailed one.  I don't use that one as much because of this, but I love the affect

Lovely cool ice blue feel to this card, as I went for silver and pale blue shades

16 December 2013

We Three Reindeer

This fun design has been in my digital stash for a while, and I have finally got to use it
I made into a circle pyrimid sheet, which I felt worked well and saved me a bit of time in cutting out :D

I used a Ivy Corner cutting die on this one, in copper, to blend in with the colours on the design

Fun and funky :D

15 December 2013

Sparkly Snow House

I made this card with Thomas Kinkade artwork.

The detail is so nice, and it looks so festive :D

Of course I added glitter to the snow, and I think you can just about see it :D

Been making some simple cards as I am a bit behind with this years festive cards.....

14 December 2013

Shoe Festive Tree

I used a Debbi Moore design from one of her craft mags to make this card

A fun idea, a christmas tree made up of shoes and mags

I used  Poinsettia and Holly dies on this card. I used a lovely printed vellum to make the poinsettia.

I stayed with cream and gold as much as possible, for the colour theme for this card.

13 December 2013

Festive Shoes

I used a Debbi Moore design to make this card, from one of her Craft Mags

I fund design, for shoe lovers :D

I used a few cutting dies on this card - a Frame one, a Holly one and Poinsettia
I cut out using various materials, mirror, mat mirror and vellum

This fun card has turned out to be an elegant card :D

12 December 2013

Robin in Tree

These last few cards Im posting up before Christmas, were a late order request.

For this card, I used a lovely vintage robin, made from a design I got from - Nice Crane Designs

I made it into a 3D design, which worked quite nicely and the snow on the branches just begs for glitter - which I did put on

I used a couple of Cutting dies on this card, my favourite snowflake die and also a wording die.

That robin just looks so sweet :D

11 December 2013

Patchwork Angel

I've had this lovely angel design in my stash for ages and only now got to use it

Its quite a cute design, and I really like the lace detail in the wings and on the dress.

I used a Bell bauble cutting die on this card, and made a bow with some lovely organza ribbon

Stayed with the red tones, as much as possible, though the white of card for the bells helps them stand out.

Ive entered this into the Handmade Harbour Midweek Papercraft Party

10 December 2013

Pink Snowflake

I made this card with a dufex design, a snowflake

Lovely shade of pink too, so Ive stayed mostly with pink, added a touch of silver and white.

I used vellum to cut out the Poinsettia, looks ever so delicate.  And also used a Holly die to finish off that embellishment.

A bit of embossing on the layering too :D

I do like this card, not traditional looking festive card, but so nice for a change.

Im so busy trying to get the last of my festive cards made, and letters written to pen pals as I send them out this month.
Busy, Busy, Busy LOL

I never seem to get ahead with festive cards, each year I run out of time!

Ive entered this into the following challenges -

The Craft Place Christmas Challenge
Crafty Boots Christmas Challenge
Alphabet Challenge - Vellum Challenge
ABC Challenge - Almost Christmas

Robin Postie

Its the time of year for Robins, one of my favourite birds

And I love this design, (from a Joanna Sheen craft cd), its one of my favourite robin designs.

There is lots of glitter on the snow. And I embossed a panel of card, added a bit of ribbon, for a little bit of interest

Not too fussy, as felt this would be a good for a male christmas card.

9 December 2013

Present for the Lady

I used a Debbi Moore design from one of her Craft Mags, to make this card

I good one, for couples, or for a man to give to his partner :D

I kept it simple, just using a lovely snowflake embossing board for the backing

I worked in mat gold colours too for this card, gives it an almost aged look

7 December 2013

Winter Rabbits

One of my favourite digital designs in my collection.

I love the detail of the scene, the fur on the rabbits looks good enough to touch :D

I added a bit of glitter to the snow, but as usual , it does show on photo

I also used snowflake cutting dies for embellishments, not too fancy though as I thought this would be a good male themed festive card

Im entering this card into the Dips Designs, 100th Post Give Away

Winter Family Cottage

I used a Glynn Williams design that I got with a Joanna Sheen craft cd, to make this card

I love his artwork, so traditional, and vintage.

Just begs for glitter this design, which I did add, though doesnt show up on the photo

Again that delicate Tree cutting die was used, just a adds a little bit of interest without overwhelming the artwork

6 December 2013

Girl in Snow Scene

I love the delicate artwork in this design, very european looking :D

The  photo didn't come out as clear as I'd hoped for this one. I often notice this when I use mirror board on a card

I used that lovely free Tree Cutting die again, and also a delicate snowflake embossing folder for the layering

I'd love more of this artist work, its so detailed

5 December 2013

Christmas Blue Art Deco Lady

I made this card with a Debbi Moore design.

Love the elegance of this design, such a nice dress and of course, so nice for Christmas

I went with gold and black to go with this design. Thought it would make a nice chance

The Poinsettia cut out in mat gold card, and the holly in black :D

Didn't need much else really, as I didn't want to overwhelm that lovely artwork.

4 December 2013

Winter Floral Stamped

I won a prize from Docraft this year and it was of stunning Christmas rubber stamps and papers and vellum

Im not the best rubber stamper to be honest, but I thought I would give it a go with this delicate winter floral design
I used used glitter pens to add a bit of colour to the flower, the glitter does show up in the light.

Used velum to cut out the Snowflake. very delicate affect, and reflects the lilac in the backing paper

Turned out quite nice, considering Im not the best stamper :D

2 December 2013

Sparkly Snowflake Card

Its all about sparkle with this card

The design is a dufex snowflake design, which really catches the light

I used a detailed snowflake cutting die to make the embellishments, and they cut out mostly in mirror board and gems added to them.

And the paper is snowflakes with touches of glitter (but as usual that doesnt show up on the photo)

So lovely sparkly card :D

Ive entered this into the  Joanna Sheen - Make it Sparkly Challenge

1 December 2013

Polar Bear Family

This design has been in my stash for ages, and I finally got around to putting a frame to it and making it into a Decoupage sheet.

It's so sweet , and such a nice one for christmas cards

I went with silver, blue and white for the colours on this card.  To match in well with the artwork

I used a bauble cutting die for the embellshment. I keep forgetting to use the two lovely baubles I have in my cutting die collection, shame really, as they are quite pretty