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1 March 2014

Knitted Shrug

I made this shrug to use up odd balls of Yarn.  
The pattern is a free one - Redheart Shrug Pattern 
This is the first shrug I have made and the first time I have done a garment on a circular needle.
I decided on a sleeveless design, as I felt it would be simpler to complete on the circular needle. I am more comfortable doing garments on straight needles.

At first I couldnt visualise how this garment could be wore. However, once finished I was quite pleased with it 

The back is a simple rib pattern. However, I feel I could modify this pattern and add a lovely cable on the back.
Something to think about as I will probably do this shrug again in the future to use up odd balls of yarn.

And it goes well with the skirt I made with the same yarn

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