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30 July 2014

Fatbooks - Square and Round

I sometimes make Fatbook Pages to send to crafters. They are a great way to use up small embellishments/toppers, in your stash

With being approx 4x4 in size, they don't need too many items to make an interesting display.

I tend to make different shapes.  This is a Round Fatbook.  I have a Glitter Girls board that has the right size and small circles, which came in handy when I wanted backing paper the right size

I used cutting dies for the flowers and leaves. And the rest are small embellishments that Ive had in my stash for a while :D

This is a Square Fatbook.  Again, I used a Glitter Girls board as it was the right size and also had other squares to be able to sort out the backing paper size
This one I used a small dufex topper, and gems and other embellishments to make for an interesting display.
And of course that lovely swirl cutting die :D

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