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11 September 2014

Vintage Paper Model Plane

I am going to try a new Arts and Crafts group in my area.  The meeting I will be attending, they are working on WW1 theme.

I thought I would try something different, and decided to try and make a very simple, vintage plane model, out of card.
Im not that sure how I feel about the finished project. Ive never done a model in card before, so I did pick a very simple design.

I found a free template, cutout all the pieces. I painted the propeller bit with silver cosmic paints and used matchsticks for the wing struts.

The back fin, I coloured in red, white and blue, with glaze pens
And the wings I painted dark green, with cosmic paints.

The main body of the plane is in grey card.

These were the closest colours I could get to a WW1 plane.

Despite this being a simple template, it ended up being quite fiddly to make.
Especially sticking those matchsticks on, had to use a reasonable blob of silcone for each edge, to try and get it to stick.

Im sure if it's not handled much in the display, this should hold up OK.  Im not very good at painting either, but the uneven affect.

It was fun to make this, though Im not sure 3D modelling is something I'll ever be brilliant at (lol)

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