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30 October 2014

Vintage Snowman

Building Snowman

I've not had chance to make many snowmen, but its always something that kids seem to really enjoy, and of course us adults who still have a big kid in us :D

This vintage design came from a Joanna Sheen craft CD, lovely artwork, really like the vintage feel. There arent many festive designs on the CD, which is a shame, as I would of liked to use more by this artist, during the festive period

I kept the card reasonably simple, just adding a bit of embossed card and small bow, as I wanted to focus on the lovely artwork :D

28 October 2014

Golden Wedding

I was asked to do a card for a Golden Wedding

I decided to use embossed patterned card, for the base.  

Keeping with gold and peach colours, I used Marianne D Creatables Double Frame, cut in glitter. 
The drinking glasses and horse shoe, were made with a Glitter Girls embossing board. I don't get chance to use it often, so was lovely to do so
The flowers were ones i had in my stash, the ones you buy and hide until that special card comes along :D
And I felt the Marianne D Creatables Key, would make a nice embellishment for htis theme. It was cut out in subtle white glitter card, but doesnt show the sparkle in the photo.
A bit of embossing on the glasses and horse shoe to finish off 

27 October 2014


Caravan Life

I use to have a small caravan, and have been on some wonderful holidays during the years used.
My favourite place is Scotland and I've stayed on some beautiful campsites.

This card was made with a Debbi Moore design, from a craft mag. And was so nice to make something a little different theme wise, and of course, to do with caravanning :D

I sent with blue tones throughout, with the backing paper - which I love.
And the butterflies I made with textured paper, using the Marianne D Creatables Butterflies,

I really like this card, its turned out pretty and so liked the theme :D

25 October 2014

Mini Roses

Delicate Rose Embellishments

Recently got Cheery Lynn Designs Die - Gardinia, Small cutting die.

Its something I have been considering for a while, getting more 3D affect floral dies, and this is my first. 
However, say that I probably could make some of my other floral dies more 3D looking when I make them up.

This rose one of course cuts flat, then is made up into these really pretty little roses. This is the first card I made with the roses, will say they are quite fiddly to put together. That could be because they are are quite small. I picked that size so that I could get more use from them. The card sizes I make arent that big, so need embellishments tthat will not overwhelm any topper I combine with them.

I made this card just using various cutting dies. Kept it simple as I wanted to see if the roses could hold their own on a card :D

24 October 2014

Patterns and Nature

Patterns in plants and animals

I have noticed a trend of including unusual patterns in nature in crafting.
This lovely topper - free with a craft mag - has the birds and flowers, with unusual backing included.

So I stayed with this theme and used patterned card and paper for the backing and with the cutting dies used for the embellishments.
Really liked the affect, and of course a great way to use up scrap patterned card and paper.

I used Cheery Lynn Designs Dies - Fanciful Flourish,
cArt Us Nesting Dies - Butterflies, and a flower die I just can't remember the name of.


23 October 2014

Christmas Elegance in Green

Elegant Festive Lady

I really like the elegant lady artwork that Debbi Moore does, and this is one of my favourites.  
A fantasy feel to this one too, as well as being festive.

I  stayed with the green and white tones with the card, as much as possible. Also used different textures. The design is printed in glossy photo paper, something I dont do that often.

The embellishment is made from glitter card and vellum, using Marianne D Creatables Holly Branches and Marianne D Christmas Creatables Poinsettia, Straight cutting dies.

I have seen a few new Poinsettia dies around, but resisted the temptation to buy one, as I still very much like this Marianne one and afterall you can only use one at a time (lol)

21 October 2014

Delicate Textured Florals

Delicately Textured

That was the affect I was hoping for this card. 
I got a few small free 3D sheets in a card mag, probably meant for a much smaller card than this 5x7" size.
So I needed to add other interesting elements to the card when using this lovely delicate rose design

I went for lilac tones, as there is a touch of lilac in the rose 3D design and I felt it would be a nice contrast.

I used an embossing folder, as the deboss side for a change, and painted (with cosmic paints) part of the pattern.
I made the embellishment with Crafts-Too Sprig of Leaves and Joy Crafts Cutting - 3 Daisies.  I also painted these using cosmic paints.

The over all looks, is delicate and pretty, with a touch of shimmer :D

20 October 2014

Vintage Winter Angel

Angels in Winter

I feel angels and winter has a nice feel to it, especially as a Christmas theme.

This is a novel design, and Ive a few with a similar look, of angels dressed in winter clothing.
Most of my designs are actually stand along images, but I found this one offered with a vintage frame.  I made it into a 3D design and love the affect

This card would work as any theme, as the papers and colours are more muted and subtle.

I used the Signature Dies - Pine Cones cutting die to make the embellishment.  A very useful themed die, and I am hoping to get a larger version last year.

A soft, subtle, vintage look to this xmas card :D

19 October 2014


Delicate Petals

This is one of those cards, when I played with glitter, texture, shapes and 3D

The 3D design was a freebie from a craft mag. Only small, so I needed to add a few embellishments, but also didn't want to overwhelm the lovely design

So I went for a bit of embossing, using a folder in my collection, and used glitter pens to highlight part of the pattern.

The flowers were made with Sizzix - Flower, Mini Daisy by Susan Tierney-Cockburn, that really detailed, many petalled flower that takes quite a while to create.

I enjoyed making this card, using subtle tones and delicate elements, one that took a steady hand too :D

18 October 2014

Wintery Owl

Owls in Winter.

I love owls, they are my favourite bird of Prey.  So lovely. Ive heard a few these past few nights, hooting :D

The 3D sheet on this card is a La Pashe, a Christmas one, I had in my stash. It's a bigger design, which is why I hadnt used it to be honest.

The glitter doesnt show, but i did put some on the snow.  
The dies I used were Lea'bilities Wafer thin Die - Reindeer Set and the Marianne D Lampost die.  I think they compliment each other quite well.

I have been reflecting on why I make cards, probably as I have been a few extra of late to do a couple of Craft Fairs.  And realised, it's not to sell them, but its for the pleasure of being creative.  Its an added bonus if someone else likes my creations and buys a card :D

16 October 2014

Vintage Balloon

Vintage Balloon

I've never been in an Air Balloon, scared of heights :D  But I can imagine it is a great experience to see the landscape.

The design on this card is one of Debbie Moore's, did like the colours and vintage feel.
The compass was a nice touch too, and nice to have 3D elements to the design.

I used Cheery Lynn Gears cutting die for the extra embellishments, and they worked quite well.

And of course, a great male themed card :D 

15 October 2014

Dufex Bubble Bath

Ladies Bubble Bath

I found this Dufex 3D design sheet in my stash, so had to use it. I love the affect of dufex, but it is so hard to cut out as it reflects the light.

The design reminds me of something my Gran would use :D  Very vintage.

And it just begged to be made into a pink card - lol - so went with pink and silver to compliment the design

The flowers I made using the Sizzix Die - Flower, Mini Daisy by Susan Tierney-Cockburn.  Its a very fiddly die, however, I think I may of finally mastered it. I used a delicately patterned paper this time, works really well.

I also used part of the Marianne D Creatables Double Frame die.  A bit of embossing and a lovely delicate affect :D

13 October 2014

Vintage Winter Lady

Elegance in White

I love this card, it's one of those projects that turns out just right :D

The topper is a Debbi Moore Design, one from a Craft CD.  I artwork is elegant and so festive.
The design is also Decoupage, I still really like 3D sheets, and use them as often as I can in my card making.
Its so relaxing cutting out all the bits.

The backing on this card is mat gold card, and I  used my snowflake embossing folder.  A good deep inpression with this folder.

The boots were made with Marianne D Creatables Skates cutting die. It's quite a bit die, so one i really like using, but don't always have enough space on a card to use.  Cut out in gold glitter card, and a nice little neat bow on the top.

Yep, Im happy with this card, its got fine artwork and texture :D

12 October 2014

Christmas Wreath

Die Cutting Wreath

I have tried a wreath on a card before, though not as detailed as this and not using Cutting Dies.

I have a longer ivy die - Marianne D Creatables Holly Branches, which I used on this card.  I also used Signature Dies - Pine Cones and Marianne D Christmas Creatables Poinsettia, Straight.

The circle was cut out in glitter card, with textured and shiny cards used for the other elements.  

I also lay out my pieces on a card before sticking anything down, to see how they will work together and their positioning.

I made the bow from my lovely selection of ribbons, a nice finishing touch.

This turned out to be a fun and creative project, and I am pleased with the finished look.

9 October 2014

Charcoal Cabled Jacket

All that cable....

I started knitting this cable jacket back in January, and it's taken forever to finish. Infact, Ive lost weight since I started it, and felt it would end up being huge by the time I did finish it.
Fortunately, it isnt too big and as I intend to wear it over layers, the extra room in the garment will work fine

The pattern is from a Debbi Bliss knitting book collection, and was to be done in DK yarn.
I decided to use Aran yarn, in Charcoal Grey.  So the garment is much denser, and hopefully will be warmer.

There is a lot of pattern in the jacket. The cable I really enjoyed doing. Just needed to place a few markers, so I knew which cable pattern I was working on.  The moss stitch was really fiddly, infact I got so tired of the moss stitch, I decided to miss it out of the sleeves and do them different.

I do like the affect of moss stitch, but it is very time consuming

I am really pleased with the finished garment, and it is the darkest colour I have knit with.  It was a little difficult to see the pattern with the darker yarn, so often had to use a strong light to work by.

So very pleased to finally finish this jacket, and though it was fiddly, I love the pattern.

8 October 2014

Rose Heart Lady

Roses and Hearts

I have returned to doing more digital collages, using images in my large digital collection.  I can spend hours looking through my digital art collection, to find images and designs that compliment each other.

I found the vintage rose paper backing on a free site, and the lady image, is one I purchased.

They work really well together, and even better when I made it into a Decoupage sheet. 
I use to do alot of this, and intend to do more in the future - will be adding more design sheets to my Free Arts section too on my blog.

This turned out to be a lovely card too :D

7 October 2014

Fancy Snowflakes

Fancy Patterned Snowflakes

Its October, and it's feeling like winter. Definately gets me in the mood to make Christmas cards :D

I wanted to try something a little different when it came to using my snowflake dies.  Thought it would be fun to do multi patterned ones, instead of going for silver or white.

So this card ended up in shades of blue, the snowflakes were cut out cusing patterned card - hence the white and red effect. I kinda like it :D

I stayed with the snowflake affect with the backing, by using my favourite festive embossing folder.  Im really trying to use my cosmic paints more now, and painted the odd bits on the embossed card with white.

Turned out as a modern affect, really like it

5 October 2014

Double Hearts

Raffle Prize made for St John's Church Craft Fair

I wanted to make a couple of things to be raffled off at the October Craft Fair at St John's Church

This one is Double Heart card, that has a stand to display it.  The Hearts were made with a Glitter Girls Embossing Board.
I still have a few of their boards, and really should use them more, as I do like the affect of projects like this.

I went for silver, white and purple shades, that way this project could be given for all kinds of occasions.

Played around with my dots Embossing Folder, which always looks so elegant.

The sprig Cutting die and Rose Cutting die are recent ones I got this summer and I love them both :D  

I cut them out in plain cream card, then painted the sprig with white cosmic paint, and the roses with silver cosmic paint.
The affect is lovely and transformed plain card to something so much nicer.

The rose cuts flat, and is quite small. So very fiddly when putting those roses together, took a few failed attempts to be honest, before I got the hang of them.
But well worth the effort, and they work so nice with that lovely sprig.

Only one complaint, the sprig die is very hard to cut out, won't even look at thicker card, so kinda disappointed with that.

Cutting Dies Used -

Cheery Lynn Designs Die - Gardinia, Small

Crafts-Too Sprig of Leaves

4 October 2014

Floral Wreath Hanger

Raffle Prize for St John's Church Craft Event

I made this floral hanger to be raffled at the St Johns Craft Fair this month.

I have not done a floral Wreath before, and decided to do a general floral theme, rather than christmas themed.  This means it can be given as a gift for all kinds of occasions :D

I had fun making this project, though it was a little fiddly, and I spent quite sometime moving elements around to work on the size of ring I made - approx 7". 

I use various cutting dies to make the embellishments for this project and with the ribbon and bow it looks really lovely.

Cutting Dies Used -

Sizzix Thinlits Die Set - Flowers, Intricate

Marianne D Creatables Bird w/Ivy

cArt Us Nesting Dies - Butterflies

Entered in Die Cutting Divas Challenge 185

3 October 2014

WW1 Uniform

WW1 Remembrance
I recently joined my local U3A Society and got involved with an Arts Group. Now I can't paint or draw, but you never know that may change.  
The Art Group are doing a Memorial Display for WW1, and I had to try and find something to make that wouldnt let the display down, as the rest of the group are really good painters.
One of those projects was a Model Plane , posted on my blog earlier- Vintage Plane

The Other project I decided to do was make a larger Decoupage design of a WW1 British Soldiers Uniform.  I made the template myself, the largest I have attempted.
 I can also at least say I did some painting too, as I painted the individual cut out parts for the uniform with Cosmic paints, to give it an aged look.

I also loved the shiny look of the Cosmic paints, made this stand out.  The pockets were done with gold, and the rest of the uniform with bronz :D

I added the poppy and cross as a nice Remembrance touch.

Placed in a frame, I think this makes a nice companion to my WW1 model Plane

2 October 2014

Ice Boots

If only I could Skate!

Every winter, we get a skating ring set up in a local park, and Ive never been brave enough to try it.  I tried roller skating as a youngester and spent the whole time on my backside (lol)

Ice Skating looks so elegant though, and brings up images of winter clad skaters, ice and snow.

I made this ice boot card, with a Debbi Moore topper, from one of her craft mags.  I did put glitter on the boots, though not sure it shows up well in the photo

The embellishments were made with two different Snowflake cutting dies - a Marianne Creation and a Provo Die.  They work well together :D

1 October 2014

Vintage Rose Vase Design Sheet - Free

This is a vintage rose design sheet that Im offering free for crafters.

I made the frame to go with the rose design.

I also made the tags, butterflies, and flower toppers.

Please click on image, safe to PC. Then resize as you wish before printing.