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9 October 2014

Charcoal Cabled Jacket

All that cable....

I started knitting this cable jacket back in January, and it's taken forever to finish. Infact, Ive lost weight since I started it, and felt it would end up being huge by the time I did finish it.
Fortunately, it isnt too big and as I intend to wear it over layers, the extra room in the garment will work fine

The pattern is from a Debbi Bliss knitting book collection, and was to be done in DK yarn.
I decided to use Aran yarn, in Charcoal Grey.  So the garment is much denser, and hopefully will be warmer.

There is a lot of pattern in the jacket. The cable I really enjoyed doing. Just needed to place a few markers, so I knew which cable pattern I was working on.  The moss stitch was really fiddly, infact I got so tired of the moss stitch, I decided to miss it out of the sleeves and do them different.

I do like the affect of moss stitch, but it is very time consuming

I am really pleased with the finished garment, and it is the darkest colour I have knit with.  It was a little difficult to see the pattern with the darker yarn, so often had to use a strong light to work by.

So very pleased to finally finish this jacket, and though it was fiddly, I love the pattern.

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