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3 October 2014

WW1 Uniform

WW1 Remembrance
I recently joined my local U3A Society and got involved with an Arts Group. Now I can't paint or draw, but you never know that may change.  
The Art Group are doing a Memorial Display for WW1, and I had to try and find something to make that wouldnt let the display down, as the rest of the group are really good painters.
One of those projects was a Model Plane , posted on my blog earlier- Vintage Plane

The Other project I decided to do was make a larger Decoupage design of a WW1 British Soldiers Uniform.  I made the template myself, the largest I have attempted.
 I can also at least say I did some painting too, as I painted the individual cut out parts for the uniform with Cosmic paints, to give it an aged look.

I also loved the shiny look of the Cosmic paints, made this stand out.  The pockets were done with gold, and the rest of the uniform with bronz :D

I added the poppy and cross as a nice Remembrance touch.

Placed in a frame, I think this makes a nice companion to my WW1 model Plane

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