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26 November 2014

Black Knitted Top

Simple Knitted Top

I had some charcoal luxury Aran yarn left from a recent project, and decided to make this short sleeved top.

The pattern I used was a Free Pattern from Red Heart - Tween Layered Top, it is a pattern that included smaller sizes, which was ideal for me.

A nice simple rib design, that didn't take too long to complete, and just what I needed after the complexity of the previous project

The lovely thing about rib pattern, is the nice shape hugging affect, so though there is no shaping in this garment, it fits really nice.

What I also like about this, is the warmth. Despite it being short sleeved, it is ideal as a warm layer.
Again the close fit, helps that snug feel, and I felt really warm, despite only wearing a think long sleeved top under it.

A great , simple top, that will go with jeans, and leggings, give an extra layer when needed without wearing something too bulky :D

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