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29 December 2014

Favourite 2014 Craft Projects

I have had a fun, busy crafting year and had chance to do Craft Fairs and create various different papercraft projects.
So it was difficult to choose favourite from all the projects I created this year, and hope visitors like the projects I have chosen.

I hope visitors to my blog have been inspired and found ideas of interest. And look forward to another year of crafting and sharing my projects.  
Thank you to those that have supported my blog this year with comments, it is very much appreciated xx

 One of the fun things I have tried this year was making a Bird House with card and paper.

I managed to find a free template for the house, though it didn't have a roof section.

I got various new cutting dies this year, and  one was the lovely rose I used on this bird house. 

I also used my small collection of cosmic paints this year, and really like the finished sheen I have created for my embellishments.

I enjoyed doing this bird house and intend to try more next year

I have not had chance to knit many projects this year

One reason is due to starting this complex patterned cardigan. It was a slow going project, one that took me many months to complete

However, I love this cardigan, and it has become a lovely warm garment for this winter.

I hope to try and knit more garments next year and will try and do more pattern adaptions
 I have continued to swap fatbook pages with crafting friends

This year I found a way to use floral cutting dies in a more 3D way.

The flowers take many layers and sometimes combines various different dies, but I do love the finished flowers

I've had the opportunity to work with lovely artwork and elegant fashionable lady designs again this year, and it is still one of my favourite themes

Debbi Moore has remained one of my favourite suppliers when it comes to arwork, and this card reflects the elegant arwork that I have grown to love working with to make my cards.

This year I have focused on using my cutting dies to, hopefully, create interesting embellishments to compliment the stunning arwork

 Christmas themed cards are still my favourite type to make. I love the colours and festive artwork.

My cutting dies this year have been very much utilised.
I have made very few cards where these dies havent been used to make, what I hope are interesting embelishments.

This card I used detailed backing paper and my cutting dies to create the card. Something new for me, and something I would like to do again.

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