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30 November 2014

Deer Poinsettia

This hunkydory topper is very pretty, and quite a good size, so could only use it on a 6x6 sized card.

I decided to use a few cutting dies to compliment the topper, so the finished project is a bit more busy, with lots of interesting elements.

The Marianne Designs Craftables - Ivys Corner die, makes for a good element on a festive card, despite it not being specifically festive.
And the Lea'bilities Wafer thin Die - Reindeer Set is also one that could be used on any theme of card. 
It was nice to use a Deer on this card, as I dont get chance to use this set very often.

29 November 2014

Floral Baubles

All that Baubles!

These hunkydory toppers are really pretty, and worked so well with a backing paper I got from another supplier. One of those times when the paper and toppers in your stash compliment well.

The embellishment was made using DesSire Snowflake Bauble die, cut out of glitter card and a small bow.
I have one other cutting die by DieSire and Im not that taken with it, but this bauble is very pretty.


28 November 2014

Fancy Floral Robin

So many cards to show, and so little time before Christmas.

It's been so much more fun this year, for crafting, as I have had the opportunity to do a couple of craft fairs, so lots more festive cards to display and share with visitors to my blog.
I do hope they have been of interest to folks, and hopefully given others ideas too.

This card started with a stunning Hunkydory paper, the robin is so nice, and blends in with the florals.

I made another embellishment with a poinsettia die and sprig die.  Though this time used pearl gems to compliment, as they worked well with the dots on the paper.

Colourful but affective :D

26 November 2014

Black Knitted Top

Simple Knitted Top

I had some charcoal luxury Aran yarn left from a recent project, and decided to make this short sleeved top.

The pattern I used was a Free Pattern from Red Heart - Tween Layered Top, it is a pattern that included smaller sizes, which was ideal for me.

A nice simple rib design, that didn't take too long to complete, and just what I needed after the complexity of the previous project

The lovely thing about rib pattern, is the nice shape hugging affect, so though there is no shaping in this garment, it fits really nice.

What I also like about this, is the warmth. Despite it being short sleeved, it is ideal as a warm layer.
Again the close fit, helps that snug feel, and I felt really warm, despite only wearing a think long sleeved top under it.

A great , simple top, that will go with jeans, and leggings, give an extra layer when needed without wearing something too bulky :D

25 November 2014

Shell Cat

Oceans Cat

I love this design, the artwork is stunning. This card is all about the artwork.

That cat and shells seem to jump right out of the picture.

I kept this card reasonably simple, as I didnt want to detract from the lovely artwork.
So just added a 3D floral sticker, and made a bow to compliment it.  The corners are peel offs with crystal gems.

24 November 2014

Skates and Hearts

Fancy Festive Heart Paper

I started with a stunning backing paper, by Hunkydory. So pretty, I just didnt want to cover it with a large topper.

So I decided to use various cutting dies to make embellishments to compliment the paper.
The tag was made using part of the Creative Expression Dies, Austrian Collection by Sue Wilson - Vienna, I used the smallest section,

The boots were made with Marianne D Creatables Skates die, cut out of the same pearlised red card.

The cute owl is one of the Tattered Lace Die Owl Trio set, a laal chunky chap this one.

I made the bow by using two different types of ribbon, something I've not done before, do like the affect.

Overall the affect is modern for this card, something a little different.

23 November 2014

Fancy Floral Shoe

Footwear with Flowers

There is something I find really appealing about footwear with flowers. It's something I first came across in artwork, when I first started collecting vintage artwork.

This design Ive had in my stash for a while, and love the vibrant colours in the shoe, and the stunning roses.

I used the Tattered Lace Die Owl Trio cutting die, the owls are so cute in this set and the little leaf design is also from that set.

The owl just adds a little bit of interest to this very detailed artwork

21 November 2014

Fancy Trees

Hunkydory Papers

I got some lovely free Hunkydory festive papers and toppers recently and some of the papers are so nice, that I decided to try make them part of the main focus when using them on a card

For this one, I used a fancy Tree cutting die, with gems on the trees, to compliment this lovely tree backing papers.

I also added a bit of glitter to the trees on the paper - though as usual that doesnt show up on a photo.

I really liked the affect. Ive never really used backing papers this way before and will try and do this in future for papers with large elements.

20 November 2014

Fancy Floral Fatbooks

I had meant to post these up end of last month, but didnt have the time. I made Fat Book pages to swap and these two were ones I wanted to display

The flowers is what I wanted to share, I had a go at making fancy flowers using my cutting dies.

I saw an idea on-line when a crafter used a floral punch to make 3D looking flowers, ,so I thought I would try by combining different floral cutting dies.

The purple flowers are all from the same cutting die, as that die comes with various sizes, I cut two of each size and ther are 5 sizes, so each of these flowers have 10 layers - I painted the petal edges with my cosmic paints

The other one flowers - green ones, I also painted the petal edges with cosmic. But this one only had two die sizes, so I ended up cutting two of each size, and using a different smaller die for the center

All the flowers are folded upwards and layered with the largest first up to the smallest flowers.  Gets a bit fiddly when it comes to the last layers, but well worth the effort.

I really like how these flowers turned out and hope to use them on future floral wreaths :D

Entered in - Crafters Cafe Challenge 91

18 November 2014

Poinsettia Art Deco

Art Deco at Christmas

I just wouldnt be christmas if I missed out an Art Deco design :D  This year I've not made as many in Art Deco theme than I normally would.  
I couldnt resist this lovely design, by Debbi Moore, it is so elegant.

The detail in the ladies hairband is lovely, and yep, there is glitter on there, even if it doesnt show on the photo

I used Marianne D Christmas Creatables Poinsettia, Straight and
Marianne D Creatables Holly Branches cutting dies to make the embellishment.

Really bold paper on this one too, fancy patterned baubles.  A lush look to compliment the glam Art Deco design :D

17 November 2014

Winter House

I love cottages in winter

This winter scene is so festive, snow always looks so nice drapped over cottages and their gardens.

I love the detail in this design, one from  a Joanna Sheen craft CD's. That little cat at the garden gate is such a sweet touch.  The artwork is really interesting, and I found myself noticing different things whilst cutting out the 3D design

I used the nMarianne Designs Craftables - Ivys Corner to make the corners, but otherwise kept the card simple and focused on the lovely artwork

15 November 2014

Pink Owl House

Model Project

I generally make cards, so do a 3D  model is something rare for me. This year though I have been trying different things and this is my first attempt at a bird house

I managed to find a tempate for a small bird house, which I cut out in white card.

I then cut out pattern paper for front and back. 

Now this house is only about 4" high,, so I knew I couldnt put a lot of it. So I looked at my cutting dies and decided on the lovely roses, a recent sprig, and one of the ever so cute owls I got recently

I got to play with cosmic paints too, as I painted the roses and the sprigg, love the sheen you get with those paints

There wasn't a roof part to this template, so  I had to estimate that piece, and I embossed the whole roof with one of my embossing folders, gave it a lovely texture.  And has the roof looked a bit empty, I used a lovely butterfly cutting die for that section

This is my first bird house, and I am well pleased with how this project turned out.  Ever so cute too :D

Dies used -

Tattered Lace Die Owl Trio

Crafts-Too Sprig of Leaves
Cheery Lynn Designs Die - Gardinia, Small
cArt Us Nesting Dies - Butterflies

Entered into the -
Allsorts Challenge No 285
ABC Challenge - Xtra Special

14 November 2014

Orange Roses

Vibrant Roses

I had this lovely roses design sheet in my stash for a while. I really liked the orange tone in the flowers, so I decided to go with vibrant colours.
So went for orange, gold and yellow. The paper is also bright and vibrant.
The rest of the layers are in orange and cream.

And the embellishments were made with gold, orange and yellow.  

The finished project is vibrant and eye catching :D

Cutting Dies used -

Crafts-Too Sprig of Leaves

Marianne D Creatables Key
Marianne D Creatables Double Frame

13 November 2014

Road Cycling

Road Bikes

When I saw this design, by Debbi Moore, I knew I'd got the one for using on a card for a guy that loves to cycle

I've also was a cyclist for years, but it was one of those activities I needed to give up, due to ill health.  

I used a 3D version of the design, and also used a cog patterned embossing folder for the backing.
And once again the Cheery Lynn Gears cutting die has come in handy, it has quickly become a favourite to use for male themed cards.

This card reminds me of quiet, open tracks, biking in nice weather :D

11 November 2014

Vintage Camping

The old tent!

I go camping, and the tents are so modern now, with dome and tunnel shapes.
This design by Debbi Moore, reminded me of an older tent used years ago.

A great card for a guy this one, a guy that likes, or liked to go camping for weekends, with a good book and flask of tea :D

I didnt add much more to this card, other than making the embellishment with signature Dies - Pine Cones

10 November 2014

Round Robin

Cheeky Robin

When I saw this design by Debbi Moore, it reminded me of a cheeky little robin that looks through one of my windows, looking for food :D Its a cute, cheeky little chap, and his dance always works, as I always go give him food.

I really do like the artwork on this topper, such pretty detail, especially with the subject backing included.

I used a couple of cutting dies to compliment this little bird.  The tree die, I got free in a craft mag, and the corners were made using Marianne Designs Craftables - Ivys Corner 

I like the affect of going for cool blue tones too, seems to make the robin stand out more :D

8 November 2014

Monochrome Lady

One of my favourite Lady designs, by Debbi Moore

The My Fair Lady artwork is just so nice, elegant and ever so detailed.

I went for as much black and white as I could with this card, so it has an almost Monchrome affect

The Lady design is 3D, I added a bit of glitter to the flower in her hat.

I used an embossing folder on the silver mirror layer. That layering was cut out with one of the Creative Expression Dies, Austrian Collection by Sue Wilson - Vienna dies, which is good that I can use this collection without using them all together.

The flowers are made using the Sizzix - Flower, Mini Daisy by Susan Tierney-Cockburn cutting die, I used vellum.

Im pleased with this finished project, though worked in bold colours, the overall affect is still elegant.

7 November 2014

Festive Red Fairy

Stunning Fairy in Red

The design on this card was one by Debbi Moore, and I love the rich red of the fairies dress.  The flower detail on the dress and hair is really lovely too. Lovely festive shades, I could of used this design as a birthday card too.

The backing is card embossed with a snowflake folder, I've used it a few times this year and really like the elegant pattern.

The embellishment was made with Marianne D Creatables Skates cutting die, cut out with holographic card, and a nice neat bow.

The finished project is really pretty :D

6 November 2014

Deep Roses

Deep Red Roses

I have had this artwork for quite a while and hadn't gotten around to using it.
I made it into a 3D design, just simple layers, but enough to highlight those lovely roses.

I have a lot of rose artwork, and though I like lots of different flowers, there is just something about roses that appeals to me :D

I embossed the backing, using one of my folders, in satin finished gold card. Made for a lovely affect, and works well with th rustic backing of the rose topper.

Pretty , yet quite a bold project

4 November 2014

Butterfly Angel

Butterflies with Angels 

They seemed like a good match when I decided to make this card.  The 3D of the elegant angel has been in my stash for ages, and I had just not gotten around to using it.

As the angel design has various shades and delicate flowers in it, I picked one colour and tried to tone everything thing with that - Pink

However, the butterflies ended up being multi toned, but I think they worked well with the backing paper and other layers

I love the Angel design, very pretty and really like how all the elements work together in this finished project

Cutting dies used -

cArt Us Nesting Dies - Butterflies

Cheery Lynn Designs Dies - Fanciful Flourish

2 November 2014

Filigree framed Poinsettia

I really like this card, even though it's quite simple.

The Poinsettia topper was made with Marianne D Christmas Creatables Poinsettia, Straight cutting die and gold leaves.  I painted the poinsettia with cosmic paint.  

The frame was made with a recent cutting die I got this year - Creative Expression Dies, Austrian Collection by Sue Wilson - Vienna
I took a little while to figure out how this actually worked, and it is also the only die Ive had to use removable tape with. I only used the larger sections of the dies on this card, but I do like the affect.

I kept the colours simple, as I didnt want to detract from the lovely frame and flower.  
I have seen ornate frames, with various layering and die cut embellishments used to make very detailed cards, this is probably the closest Ive got to attempting that kind of project.  Quite a modern feel to this project too :D

1 November 2014

Christmas Free Topper Sheet

This months Freebie is a festive one. And i love the vintage look
I have made a topper, a tag (which could also be a topper), backing backing and some button embellishments.

Click on the Image for larger version, save to PC and then resize as required before printing.