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29 December 2014

Favourite 2014 Craft Projects

I have had a fun, busy crafting year and had chance to do Craft Fairs and create various different papercraft projects.
So it was difficult to choose favourite from all the projects I created this year, and hope visitors like the projects I have chosen.

I hope visitors to my blog have been inspired and found ideas of interest. And look forward to another year of crafting and sharing my projects.  
Thank you to those that have supported my blog this year with comments, it is very much appreciated xx

 One of the fun things I have tried this year was making a Bird House with card and paper.

I managed to find a free template for the house, though it didn't have a roof section.

I got various new cutting dies this year, and  one was the lovely rose I used on this bird house. 

I also used my small collection of cosmic paints this year, and really like the finished sheen I have created for my embellishments.

I enjoyed doing this bird house and intend to try more next year

I have not had chance to knit many projects this year

One reason is due to starting this complex patterned cardigan. It was a slow going project, one that took me many months to complete

However, I love this cardigan, and it has become a lovely warm garment for this winter.

I hope to try and knit more garments next year and will try and do more pattern adaptions
 I have continued to swap fatbook pages with crafting friends

This year I found a way to use floral cutting dies in a more 3D way.

The flowers take many layers and sometimes combines various different dies, but I do love the finished flowers

I've had the opportunity to work with lovely artwork and elegant fashionable lady designs again this year, and it is still one of my favourite themes

Debbi Moore has remained one of my favourite suppliers when it comes to arwork, and this card reflects the elegant arwork that I have grown to love working with to make my cards.

This year I have focused on using my cutting dies to, hopefully, create interesting embellishments to compliment the stunning arwork

 Christmas themed cards are still my favourite type to make. I love the colours and festive artwork.

My cutting dies this year have been very much utilised.
I have made very few cards where these dies havent been used to make, what I hope are interesting embelishments.

This card I used detailed backing paper and my cutting dies to create the card. Something new for me, and something I would like to do again.

27 December 2014

Glamour Emerald Lady

Fab Fashion Lady

I get a craft mag by Debbi Moore and alot of the free toppers in the mag are larger one for larger cards.
I don't make many larger card, so it is nice to get the chance to get chance to use these lovely toppers

This card was made with one of the stunning fashion lady toppers, the detail in the dress is lovely.
The dress reminded me of previous parties I had attened, and how I would always love to get a flowing party dress.  

The embellishment is made with Crafts Too Daisy Flourish cutting die, its the largest flourish one I have, so don't get to use it that often.

25 December 2014

Polar Bear Christmas

Merry Christmas

I hope, visitors, you are having a lovely day.

If you are anything like me though, you are blog hopping (lol)

This is my last festive card for this year and I have so enjoyed doing them again.
The paper and 3D sheet for this card, were from a craft mag, and I love the artwork. Its cute, without being too cute.

Of course I had to use my cutting dies, and this one
Marianne D Creatables Bauble & Bell is a lovely set to make embellishments with. I even got a bow on this card :D

I have so enjoyed making this years festive cards, and think I have managed to use different designs from last year, so hope there was things of interest for craft visitors to my blog.


23 December 2014

Red Squirrel at Christmas

I love Red Squirrels, and sometimes even get chance to see them in my area.

This design I've used is a favourite and I always want to use it at Xmas.  The little squirrel looks cute and ever so cheeky :D Again it being Decoupage, gives depth.

I thought a bit of holly and one of the lovely owls would compliment the design for this card, thats the beauty of cutting dies, I can use different ones each time I use this design to make a card

We are nearly at Christmas day :D

21 December 2014

Vibrant Snowmen

I love this card, so bright and vibrant

Ive had this snowman design in my art collection for ages and just not got around to using it. I have made a real effort this year, to go through my artwork collection and use some :D
I made it into a 3D sheet, which I still really like doing. Even though I use embellishments , I still really feel you get a nice affect with Decoupage

The embellishment was made using

Crafts-Too Sprig of Leaves, Marianne D Creatables Poinsettia Miniature and Marianne D Christmas Creatables Poinsettia, Straight

I hadnt thought to use a smaller poinsettia with the larger one and was really pleased with the affect.  The Craft Too Sprig die is really difficult to use, which is a shame because I love it.

Wirh the colours, detail and depth I think this card really jumps out at you, I love it

20 December 2014

Winters Bridge

Winter Bridge

The design on this card was a La Pashe 3D sheet I've had for a while.
The detail is so nice in this card.  That lovely winter town, with the frozen river and stone buildings and bridge. Definately festive :D

I combined the following dies to make the embellishment -

Marianne D Christmas Creatables Poinsettia, Straight and

Signature Dies - Pine Cones and Marianne D Creatables Poinsettia Miniature. 
Nice to mix and match die shapes this way, and it made for a more interesting poinsettia flower.

19 December 2014

Winter Wonderland

Winter Scene

I love this design, its so wintery and festive.  The design is a 3D sheet by La Pashe, that I've had for ages.  And finally got around to using it.

I can just see myself walking through those snowy fields.

I used Marianne D Creatables Holly Branches and Tattered Lace Die Owl dies to make the embellishment, this card just asked for an owl :D

18 December 2014

Mice Socks

Fun Festive Socks

Nearly the big day folks, Christmas is fast approaching.
I've had this design in my art collection for a while, and finally made it into a 3D design to make a card.
The detail in the socks are lovely, and the mice are so cute.

I used Cherry Lynn Holly Corner and Die'sire Die Classiques Christmas - Christmas Candle dies to make the embellishment, I liked how the holly worked with the candle die, and helped make that more interesting.

16 December 2014

Clock Vintage Lady

My digital collage

I've been having more fun making my own toppers, and then making them into 3D sheets.
The design on this card was one of those, the clock, holly, and lady are all seperate elements, and I feel they all work well together.

I used an embossing folder for backing on this card
And the embellishment was made using 

Marianne D Christmas Creatables Poinsettia, Straight and Cheery Lynn Designs - Tropical Flourish dies.

I really l ike this card, its elegant and interesting :D

15 December 2014

Vintage Fairy Festive Clock

This topper was a collage created from various artwork I have in my collection. 
I use Paint Shop Pro to make my collages, it's good fun and really nice then to be use them on cards

I made this one into a 3D design.  And used a fancy tree cutting die, to compliment.

The glitter shows on this photo too, which is lovely, as I often use glitter to hightlight elements in artwork.

Love the vintage feel to this card :D

14 December 2014

Winter Robin

I love Robins

I've a cheeky chap that is visiting my garden this year, quite the character :D

This design is one from a Joanna Sheen craft CD, and one I have not used before.
Love the detail in the artwork and wintery feel of the scene.

I kept this card resonably simplel just used the Signature Dies - Pine Cones set to make the embellishment

13 December 2014

Pretty House Front

It's nice to see vintage houses.

And with snow and decorations, how festive too.

I've had this design in my collection for ages, and found it recently, first time used on a card too.

The detail on the design is really lovely, I especially like the window shapes and the lovely door.

I used Marianne D Creatables Skates die on this card, you can imagine victorian families returning from skating to this lovely house :D

12 December 2014

Lady in Gold

Elegant Lady design, and this one is by Debbi Moore.

This design is one of her Victorian Ladies, and I really like that period, for christmas 

I went for a strong, fancy backing to compliment this design.  I also used the fancy tree cutting die to compliment this design. I used vellum behind this cutting die, for a slightly different affect.

11 December 2014

Poinsettia Vase

I haven't had a poinsettia plant in years, and they are so pretty, especially in Winter.

I've had this artwork for a while and finally got around to making into a 3D sheet.
I combined it with a nice frame and fancy corners for the main topper.

The embellishment was made with one of the 

Tattered Lace Die Owl Trio and Marianne D Creatables Holly Branches dies.

The finished card is bright and vibrant :D

9 December 2014

Winter River

This is a design, from a Joanna Sheen craft CD, that I had never used before.

I love the artwork, reminds me a little of the river near my home.

And wondered, if it will snow this winter :D  Now snow is lovely when you dont have to travel in it!

The design is the main focus for this card, however, I couldnt help using the lovely Marianne D Creatables Skates cutting die, as you could imagine skaters on this frozen river :D

8 December 2014

Green Bells

Its full steam ahead to Christmas Day - Am I panicking, well maybe (lol)

I've been revisiting some of the lovely artwork I have had in my art collection for sometime, and pulled this one out to use this year.
I set up the collage myself, and then made it into a 3D design :D

The tree cutting die, just works lovely with it too. I decided to put vellum behind the lovely filigree pattern for a change, works quite nice, and made it easier to stick to the card.

7 December 2014

Snowy Owl

Owls seem to be popular. I have liked owl artwork for a long time and this lovely Debbi Moore design is  in my artwork collection.

I have used it before on a festive card, though that was a couple of years ago, so it was nice to revisit.  I love snowy owls, they looks so elegant.

I used one of the Marianne D Christmas Creatables Finnish Ice Star dies on this card. I see these dies as more snowflakes, so I tend to use them as snowflake embellishments.

Kept the colours cool too, as they compliment the owl :D

6 December 2014

Layered Baubles

Christmas and Bauble's

Its nearly here, just a few weeks until Christmas.

The tradition of decorating Tree's with ornaments (including baubles) is an old one and has a kid I always loved decorating our family tree. This bauble is lovely, and it has a pattern that enables layering.

I decided to only use the baubles on this card.  I worked with purple and white, for the bauble using the DieSire Snowflake Bauble.

 I made bows for the baubles, and added small gems to the backing paper.

Simple card, and I do like this bauble :D

4 December 2014

Floral Robin

Such a pretty Robin

I used a Hunkydory topper on this card, the detail in the robin is really nice

And I liked the poinsettia flower being part of the artwork on the topper.

I just have to make a poinsettia embellishment to compliment the topper. I used Marianne D Christmas Creatables Poinsettia, Straight and
Crafts-Too Sprig of Leaves, with a touch of cosmic paint on the sprig :D

3 December 2014

Poinsettia Heart

Festive Heart Poinsettia's

One of those lovely detailed Hunkydory papers, that I just couldn't cover up.

So I complimented the ever so detailed floral festive heart design, but making a simple embellishment.

I used Crafts-Too Sprig of Leave, adding some crystal gems to the stems. And Marianne D Christmas Creatables Poinsettia, Straight, cutting die, using glitter card.

Simple, but effective, one compliments the other. I love this card :D

2 December 2014

Christmas Party Dress

Party Dress

I got a set of Hunkydory toppers and backing papers with a craft mag, and this card includes one of the lovely toppers and papers

This dress reminded me of the parties I went to years ago, I always loved to get dressed up over the festive period, it was part of the fun.

I just used a fancy tree cutting die to compliment the topper.  Nothing too fancy was needed for this card, as the lovely artwork on the topper is the focus :D

1 December 2014

Baskets and Hats

This artwork is lovely, such nice detail. And it works really well as a 3D design.

A little bit of summer, in winter, just to remind me how nice and warm it was during the summer months

I focused on the artwork for this card, and just added a couple of simple embellishments to compliment the artwork.

The Tattered Lace Die Owl Trio set has become quite useful, I find myself adding owls to various cards :D