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7 January 2015

Pink Toned Floral Wreath

Love the Colours in this Wall Hanger

I have tried making various floral wreaths of late, and this is another attempt

I used various floral cutting dies, ribbon dies, leave dies and butterfly dies to create this wreath
As well as making my own bow with lovely, wide organza ribbon

The flowers work so well with this one, I didn't shape all the flowers upward this time, I did some curled edges and of course did lots of layers.
The mica paints really came in handy, all the individual flowers are painted, and they have such a lovely sheen in the light.
The finished flowers are lovely, I really like them and make for a lovely finished display.

This is the largest of the wreaths I have completed and it was a many sided octangle shaped, rather than round, much easier to cut out and decorate :D

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