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8 February 2015

Flower Sticks

Thought it would be a nice idea to make dimensional flowers, and place them on sticks

These are neat little things to display in a small holder, as well as a nice little gift to go with a birthday or xmas card.

I made all the flowers with various cutting dies that I have and the leaves are a different cutting die. 
Finished off with organza ribbon bows.

This one was cut out using purple paper, then painted with cosmic paints

 I used a floral cutting die with a pattern in the leaves, don't get to use this die much, but did like the affect here.
Did in blue card, and painted with cosmic paints

 This version is my favourite
I really like how the flower turned out and it's one to remember when I come to do floral wreaths in future :D

Ive managed to make this rose affect from one of the floral cutting dies I have, that only has two layers.

By cutting more layers and shaping, I made this in yellow card - painted with cosmic paints

The sticks are coloured lollypop sticks, however, I have coloured markers that I can use to colour brown ones.

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