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28 June 2015

Look Back in Crafting Time - 1

It surprised me to see that I have 4 years of crafting on my blog now, goodness where has the time gone :D

It was interesting to look back at what I was making over the last four years,  and made me wonder if visitors actually looked at projects that far back.

So I have decided to do an historical look back at my crafting on occasions, it will be fun for me and hopefully it will be interesting for visitors to my blog :D

This first Look Back card was made four years ago, part of a post of three elegant lady cards. Here's a link to the original post and info, please do check it out - Hollywood Ladies

I forgot about these lovely designs, as you do (lol) Time moves on and you get new artwork and new products, forgetting about the lovely stuff in your stash :D

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