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19 October 2015

Comfy Cardigan

Sometimes all you need is a warm, comfy cardigan in winter.

I decided that's what I would knit myself, a comfy house cardigan for the cold winter days - that I am sure we'll get in the UK this winter.

I had some lovely pink yarn left and a little bit of the charcoal yarn too. These two shades compliment each other nicely.
I use a free pattern, just slightly altered in how I did the colour bands, but that was due to how much charcoal yarn I had left -
The Free pattern is by Berroco - Helan Cardigan Pattern

This is the back/side view of the cardigan
The garment is big enough to allow layers to go under it, so should help keep me warm

The pattern was nice and simple, little bit of garter stitch for the edges and the reset stocking stitch

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