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3 December 2015

Look Back in Time - 4

I haven't looked back at some of my older works for a while, the ones buried in crafting history

This time thought I would look at older Christmas cards that I made, 3 years ago, see what designs I was working with and the colours I went for in that year.

Winter Lady

This older card, was made with a Mocha design, I have a lovely selection of this artwork, and as always happens, I've forgotten I have it.
This is one of the few winter designs I have by Mocha, lovely colours and I did enjoy using the copper and white colour theme with it

Christmas Fairies

I remember that I got a selection of fairy artwork by Debbi Moore in this year, this card is one of three - which you can find at the original posting :D

Hard to believe that this lovely artwork is that old, and Ive hardly used it since!

Christmas Dragon

I have tried to use my own designs more this year for festive cards, however, three years ago, I mostly used designs from purchased craft Cds

This is one of the few cards I made with a digital design from my stash, that I added a frame to, and made into 3D
Its a really cute dragon, and one Ive not used again since.

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