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24 January 2016

Penguin Zentangle Inspired Art

This is one of my attempts at ZIA art. After some research on Zentangle, it would seem there are a few guidelines on how you should do this art form. Personally I like flexibility, so I now refer to anything I attempt, as zentangling :D

I found a basic outline of a penguin, and split the design up into section, like you would a square

Then I decorated it with Zentangle patterns, that I have that follow the Zentangle guidelines.

To finish off with applying colour, using metalic and pastel pencils. Again, this is personal choice, I really like the affects of adding colour to the patterns.

This is the design before I added colour

I find I like a reasonable amount of white spaces, when doing Zentangle patterns, so that I can apply colour later.

There are books that you can get now that have instructions of zentangle patterns, and I am getting one to practice the patterns.

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