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29 January 2016

Zentange Inspired Art Elephant

I have been trying my hand at a little bit of what I call ZIA.

After some research on the technique, there seems to be quite strict guidelines on what is considered Zentangle.
I can appreciate that there are some rules to this technique, however, as with all forms of creativity, these things can be adapted.
Hence, my attempts at ZIA :D

I had an outline of an elephants face and I used some of the lines already in the design to work my design

This is the coloured version, I know some prefer not to add colour to their ZIA, I personally love how it changes it

Here is the black and white design before adding colour.

I never start something like this with a fixed idea on how it will look, though I do use instructions on zentangle patterns as a guideline to what I will draw in the space.

I also work in pencil, for the whole design, and then go over the lines in Pen later
This is a personal preference as my hand control isn't as steady as I would like, something that hopefully will improve in time

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