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1 January 2016

Zentangle Inspired Art Shoe

Happy New Year

I hope to try more of the Zentangle technique this year and also do more Freebie collage's to offer crafters as I find I enjoy making those too

This Zentangling shoe is one of my creations.  I want to be able to share with others the idea of Zentangle  through my volunteer work, so been looking up instructions and ideas on how to create your own zentangle designs.

I will still be colouring in other artists zentangle as some of them are amazing, and I find working with them very relaxing

This is my shoe design, coloured in

This is the shoe zentangle I did before I coloured it in

I use soft graphite pencils to do my designs, they are darker to use and I like how the shading works with these pencils.

I found hard pencils too light. And I didn't want to use pen, as I do sometimes change the design, and can rub out pencil. I understand that rubbing out isn't something you are support to do with Zentangle, but my hand isn't always steady and a line can go off in a direction that is difficult for me to work in.

It's very much a free flowing creative exercise, I have a small collection of patterns that I have tried and quite often modify those when I come to create a project

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