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8 March 2016

Ferret Zentangle Inspired Art

This is a coloured in version of a recent ZIA project of my own

The blank template is one by Ben Kwok, from his Facebook group

I am enjoying the process of drawing Zentangle patterns, even though the patterns I practice don't always look the way I intended.

I am pleased with how this ferret project looks, even had to make up a little of my own patterning as I could not always find one that worked with the spacing in the template

This coloured version was completed with Marco Refine Fine Art Oil Pencils, even managed a little bit of shading design working with small detailed patterned areas

This is the black and white version, before I coloured it in
It's satisfying to start a project and finish it with colour. 
And it is surprising how different ZIA looks when coloured in

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