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20 March 2016

Rabbit Zentangle Inspired Art

This is one of my own ZIA projects, the rabbit outline template is one by Ben Kwok

I recently aquired a Zentangle Instruction book, which I have found useful, especially with tips on shading and when to add black elements.

I had a go at adapting my own pattern in this design, one part of the rabbits back was a pattern I made up. Im finding it easier to adapt patterns I have learned now too

The Marco Refine Fine Art Oil Pencils I use, has enabled me to do more shading, using different tones of the same colour, and though it may not be that obvious, I have done quite a bit of that in the coloured version of my rabbit

This is the black and white version of my rabbit ZIA, before colouring.

As always  feel colour gives the artwork more depth, though I do like both completed versions

I am finding Zentangle drawing quite enjoyable, though it still takes a lot of concentration and focus for me.

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