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24 March 2016

Vintage Style in Lilac

In my craft stash I have a small selection of toppers, that have a rubber stamped look
The vintage lady I used on this card is one of those.

The cutting die I used on this card, is a lovely one that I don't often get to use. I love the ornate pattern in the frame, and it cuts reasonably well.
Quite often with very detailed patterns in cutting dies, you have to put them through the cutting machine a few times to get all the pieces to cut

The backing paper, is from a monochrome pad I have. When I find got it I thought it was a good idea, however, I have use so little of the papers, as I find them hard to match up with my digit art and any toppers I have in my stash.

I do like how the various colours and patterns work on this card, and it still retained an elegance that is in the topper :D

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