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24 April 2016

Wild Deer ZIA Coloured Project

I share most of my coloured in projects just on my Facebook page, but this one was so nice once I had completed it, I felt it was worth sharing with my Blog Followers.

The design is from Calming Art Therapy Colouring Book. There are some stunning Zentangle Inspired art in this book, and this is one of the larger double paged ones

I used Marco Raffine Fine Art Oil Pencils to colour this project.
The Stag is especially impressive, and I thoroughly enjoyed planning the colour theme for this section
I tried doing more hightlight colour shading and blended colours using white pencil a bit more with this project

It took 3 evenings just to complete the Stag :D

The female's have a softness that really appeals.
Also the one I coloured in shades of purple was part coloured in already.
This is one thing I don't like about this book, parts of a lot of the designs are already coloured, which dictates how the rest of the design is coloured.
I also find I use shading and subtle pencils, whereas the colour added to the designs is bold and flat
Still the purple shades to appeal to me, and again I was able to blend alot.

The deer done in shades of green works so nicely, lots of hightlights in that one due to the Zentangle pattern, so like how it all compliments.

This project took a week to complete and I am really pleased with the depth I managed to achieve with shading and hightlights, despite all the fine detail - which I love too - in this design :D

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