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13 May 2016

Lilac Flowers

I have a few colouring books, some are in paper form and some are Kindle Format.

This coloured in design, I am sharing today, is from a paperback Craft Sensations colouring book.

I decided to share this project as I also recently got some new colouring pencils from WHSmith, and I wanted to compare them to my other pencils.

I decided to do all the flowers in Purple shades and has folks can see some are a different shade of purple
The pencils I have been using mostly of late are Marco Raffine Fine Art Oil Pencils. The pack I got has 72 pencils, all different shades, and with having so many in a pack the shades are quite close so can do great shading. They have good colour cover on the page
The shade of purple is more Lilac and deep purple in this set, and I feel I could shade better with them. They have such a lovely shine too. I found the shade of purple more true purple with this set of pencils

The WHS pencils are called WHS Spectrum Sings Pencils, the largest I could get were 36 in a pack, and price wise they were not that much cheaper than the Marco Raffine.
They do have lovely colour cover on the page too, a bolder look. The tones of purple had a more pink tone to them, and I found the contrast between the purple pencils must larger, so shading a little more harder and more noticable.
I prefer a light touch when colouring, to build up colour, the colours are bolder so that was harder to achieve. They have more of a matt finish too, however, I did like the vibrance of the colours.

Which do I prefer, I think for small areas, the vibrance of the Spectrum Sings set are ideal, would made small destailed zentangle really stand out.
For shading and more depth I prefer the Marco Raffine pencils, more subtle colours and better options for adding colour.

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