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9 July 2016

Rhino Detailed Adult Coloured Art

This design is from Calming Art Therapy Colouring Book, one of the single page designs
This book is slightly larger than A4 in size and I got the hardbacked version

I have seen the title of Colourist to describe those that colour in detailed artwork like this.
I've thought of myself as Creative even, Artistic with the colouring in. Though not thought of myself as a professional colourist. Would be interested in visitors comments :D

Though this is a single page design, it is still quite a large project, and very detailed, with lots of varied zentangle patterns

This design already had some colour included,something I find quite frustrating as it meant I had to go with colours to compliment what had been added to the design
I worked in shades of Blue and Orange, quite a restricted colour scheme, so was quite a challenge.

I used Marco Raffine Art Oil Pencils, having a set of 72 gives me more scope for shading.

I have noticed that though there is a lot of varied patterns and some work quite nicely in a kind of order - such as the tusk - however, most seem to be slotted in. I find this can make colour work less balanced as each pattern area has to be planned seperately and can't always blend in with the ones next to it.

Overall I really like the finished project, and even managed a bit of shading in areas with the various shades of blue

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