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7 July 2016

Tiger Detailed Coloured Art

I got a new colouring book recently, got The Menagarie.
It's a larger book. the designs being closer to A3 in size
I used Marco Raffine Art Oil Pencils to complete the colouring, working with shades of yellow, brown and green. With a touch of orange.

All the designs are of wild animals, and the detail is lovely. I have always had an appreciate of the tallent of artists, through my card making
However, with my own attempts at ZIA art, I can really appreciate what goes into such detailed artwork that I see is alot of the artwork in Colouring Books

This book is probably one of my favourites, each wild animal so very detailed. Each will take many hours of colouring to complete.

This Tiger is the first design in the book, love how the fur around it's head look like leaves.
With fine detail of course, comes lot of colouring and it is hard to do shading with such tiny section. So I opted for colouring in the areas packed with fine details with different shades to give a shaded affect.
And I think it's worked quite well, as the different shades hightly and shape the face so well.

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