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25 August 2016

A Glass Of Rose

This design is from one of my Debbi Moore, craft CD collections.
I've not used many of her shabby chic designs, but this one really did appeal to me.

The lovely layering behind the roses and wine glass was really pretty, appealed to my love of patterned backing papers.
Despite having not purchased any new backing papers for 12 months, I still have many lovely papers to use, though on this card I didn't use any backing paper.

I decided to add a simple piece of slightly textured coloured card so that I could keep the nice patterned edging of the base card.

The ribbon I used is too thick to make nice bows, so came in handy to add a bit of luxury to this simple card. I have considered making paper bows, however, for me, real ribbon looks so much nicer.


  1. Lovely card, beautiful colours. I wish I had your restraint not buying any new paper for a year!! Amanda x (hop hop)


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