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5 September 2016

Circular Mandala Zentangle Inspired Art

I used a blank zentangle mandala template, and decorated the shape with various Zentangle patterns.

I have a book of Mandala designs to colour, really how the patterns make for an interesting affect.
So I decided to create my own, my first attempt - Mandala ZIA, worked well and inspired me to create another.

This blank template has more string section, so more of a challenge to combine the patterns in a way that move the eye around the Mandala.
Even in it's black and white form, the patterns compliment and do draw you around the project.

I have yet to add colour to this design, and I am sure with some shading this Mandala will looks all the more interesting

Do hope my attempts at creating my own ZIA projects have inspired others, and if you have ZIA to share, please leave a comment and link to your project :D

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