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18 October 2016

Animal Art- Colourist Work

With being busy doing my festive cards for this year, I haven't had as much time to practice colouring work.

I do enjoy colouring in detailed artwork, and one as detailed as this is definately a challenge.
The design is a badger from The Menagerie, I coloured it in using Marco Raffine Art Oil Pencils. I tend to use the 72 pencil Marco Refine pencil set to colour in a design this large, so that I have more colour options in each shade.
Decided to work with 2 contrasting colours - red and green. The photo doesn't show the palest red that I used so well in this photo, but in the flesh the sweeping affect of changing shades works well.

It was a real pleasure working with such lovely artwork.

This design is from Cats Colouring for Mindfulness book, the designs are pretty detailed and are quite a challenge to complete. Though not large designs, which can be difficult when trying to colour the smallest parts.

Again I used Marco Refine Fine Art Oil Pencils to complete this project, as I had more colour options, for shading. Went for complimentary colours, pink, yellow and green, for this design

The lighter shades don't show up very well in photos, however, they do help the bolder shades stand out more, and of course give depth to the shading.

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  1. Hi they are stunning. It is good to have a break from Christmas cards once in a while. Take care. Hugs Jackie


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