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4 November 2016

Collie Zentangle Inspired Art

I used a stain glass blank template as a base for this ZIA project.
The lined section worked well for me, as they were large enough to be able to draw zentangle patterns in a reasonable size

I find larger patterns make for a more interesting affect when I add colour/shading. They really stand out, and as always Im looking forward to seeing how this design changes when I add colour.

I am quite busy at present doing festive cards and my volunteer work, so it could be a while before I get to add colour to this lovely design, however, I will share the coloured version, as a contrast.

Anyone that does their own ZIA, please do post a link in the comments and I will come have a look at your art :D

I am offering good quality versions of my ZIA to colourist for free on my Face Book Group - Free ZIA and Collage Art


  1. Awesome Trace, look forward to when you have time to colour and share, hugs xxxx

    1. Tracey this is so much like my polly brilliant absolutely brilliant

    2. 3 let me know when you hAve coulared it Margaretxx


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