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I will be posting all my freebies on a Face Book Group to share high quality free art, both the collages and free ZIA projects for colouring.



29 February 2016

Lilac Iris Floral Free Art

I have a lovely selection of vintage floral art and have been creating some collage toppers to use for card making/paper craft projects

Hope crafters like these new freebies, as always, click on the image and then save, you can then print them out, resizing as you wish.

If crafters don't have a digital program, you can get free versions on the Internet that allows you to work with artwork :D
When it comes to printing, I just use Microsoft Word 


27 February 2016

Classy Lady in White

The topper used on this card is one of Debbi Moore's elegant art deco ladies.

I do love the dress, its very classy and one that I'd love to wear :D

The rest of the card is quite simple, as this was a smaller project
I used a small flourish from the XCut Flourish cutting die set, and my Marianne butterflies.

The contrast of the modern look with the vintage paper works for me. I also decided not to go monochrome, which is why I went with brown and silver to go with the design :D

25 February 2016

Swinging Wood Bird

I was gifted some crafting elements at christmas and used one of the wooden ones for this card

The bird was actually brown, but I used my marker pens to colour it, to blend in with the colour theme I worked with for this card

The corners were cut out in flock material, using a lovely flourish cutting die by X Cut.

The bird did swing when it stood up, really lovely affect, and despite being a simple card, quite eye catching

22 February 2016

Vintage Boot Zentangle Inspired Art

This is one of my ZIA projects

The base template was one by Ben Kwok, loved the vintage shaped boot

This is the coloured in version, used metalic pencils to colour in this design. It has a lovely shine in the light

Working with Ben's templates can be a little bit of a challenge as I am working with string lines included, however, I did work beyond those a little for part of the side of the boot.

This is the black and white version, before colouring

Some of the zentangle patterns I am trying, don't come out quite the way they instructions show.
When I practice with a square they patterns do look more like they should, however, when working them in a different shape - such as this - I am finding it difficult to adjust the patterns and keep them as they should look.

21 February 2016

Vintage Christmas Car

I made the collage topper that I used to make this card, from my digital art collection
Quite a few elements went into this topper, probably one of my favourites that I have made of late.
And it give me the option of having a male themed topper for christmas

I used various cutting dies to decorate the rest of the card, including a wording cutting die that I don't use so often

Do like how the embellishments compliment the topper :D

Marianne D Creatables Rudolf

Marianne D Creatables Leaves with Veins 

Marianne D Creatables - Pinecones & Branch