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I will be posting all my freebies on a Face Book Group to share high quality free art, both the collages and free ZIA projects for colouring.



31 March 2016

Zentangle Card

I decided to combine my card making, with the Zentangle drawing.

I decorated a small square, which I created with one of my cutting dies. I did a simple string layout on the square, and decorated with a few different Zentangle Patterns, adding a touch of colour

I used this as my main topper, and used an embossing folder to decorate the card layer, and one of the Marianne D Creatables Leaves with Veins dies, cut in bold black card.

I quite like the affect using Zentangle and will think of ways to combine the detailed colouring designs I do with card making in future

29 March 2016

Festive Window Dog

I made this card, with a lovely cute digital design I have had in my colection for a while, which I added a frame to.

The paper was from a set of festive designs, and I had looked at this one a few times, but not been sure of what design to use it with.

The embellishment, I kept simple, combining a couple of different cutting dies, just to add a bit of extra interest to the card

Cherry Lynn Holly Corner

Marianne D Creatables Bauble & Bell

27 March 2016

Vintage Blue Boot

It has been a while since I've used one of my digi vintage boot designs
This boot image I made into a 3D sheet, love the contrast of the yellow roses with that lovely blue boot

I used a vintage backing paper design to work with the yellow roses
And the rest of the elements, which I cut out with various cutting dies, were in blue to work with the boot

The fancy paper used for the feathers, brings in a more retro feel, and that worked well with the vintage theme

24 March 2016

Vintage Style in Lilac

In my craft stash I have a small selection of toppers, that have a rubber stamped look
The vintage lady I used on this card is one of those.

The cutting die I used on this card, is a lovely one that I don't often get to use. I love the ornate pattern in the frame, and it cuts reasonably well.
Quite often with very detailed patterns in cutting dies, you have to put them through the cutting machine a few times to get all the pieces to cut

The backing paper, is from a monochrome pad I have. When I find got it I thought it was a good idea, however, I have use so little of the papers, as I find them hard to match up with my digit art and any toppers I have in my stash.

I do like how the various colours and patterns work on this card, and it still retained an elegance that is in the topper :D

22 March 2016

White Floral

This card was made with a floral 3D design Ive had in my craft stash for a while.
I had three designs on the same sheet, and this is the last one, as with the others, I used an embossing folder to decorate the layering

Went for subtle yellows and green, with a touch of black and gold for the embellishments.

I have enjoyed working with my embossing boards of late, they work well with smaller toppers as the patterns are not covered so much and I get the full affect

20 March 2016

Rabbit Zentangle Inspired Art

This is one of my own ZIA projects, the rabbit outline template is one by Ben Kwok

I recently aquired a Zentangle Instruction book, which I have found useful, especially with tips on shading and when to add black elements.

I had a go at adapting my own pattern in this design, one part of the rabbits back was a pattern I made up. Im finding it easier to adapt patterns I have learned now too

The Marco Refine Fine Art Oil Pencils I use, has enabled me to do more shading, using different tones of the same colour, and though it may not be that obvious, I have done quite a bit of that in the coloured version of my rabbit

This is the black and white version of my rabbit ZIA, before colouring.

As always  feel colour gives the artwork more depth, though I do like both completed versions

I am finding Zentangle drawing quite enjoyable, though it still takes a lot of concentration and focus for me.