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29 July 2016

Snowman Fun

I created the collage topper that I used on this card, the snowmen are such fun, did make me smile

Working with the blue tones in the topper, I cut out the wording and the snowflake with blue materials and managed to find a modern backing paper to compliment the design

The snowflake die I used is one of my favourites, part of a Marianne Creations set, however, it is one of those dies that is really hard to cut, I have to use a metal sheet and run it through my bigshot a few times to get it to work

The wording die, is the larger of a set, and one I rarely use, I will try and use this cutting die more this year as I am running out of Peel Off

26 July 2016

Christmas in Purple

I made this card with a topper collage that I created from my digital collection

Was lovely to work in my favourite colours, purple. Lots of different shades of purple in this topper, giving it a more modern feel.

I used vellum wrapped around white card for the base layer
And used a couple of dies staying with purple and silver for the embellishment
Really pretty affect

Xcut Dies – Flourish Dies
Marianne D Creatables Candles

25 July 2016

Little Red Sports Car

I made this card with a Digital design from my own collection

I used a couple of simple cutting dies for the layering, part of a frames set by X Cut

And the gears die are by Cheery Lynn Gears, this set of dies have been so useful since I purchased them.

A simple little card male themed card. 

23 July 2016

Watering Can ZIA Project

I have been looking for free image outlines and finding the collection of free stain glass patterns are now coming in useful for doing my own Zentangle Inspired Art.

I haven't gotten around to colouring in this design as yet, but I do like how the patterns work together, especially the middle section of the can.

Little bit of a challenge working the various patterns into this shape, the handle was especially tricky.
I still work in pencils first before adding ink to the designs, I rarely pick the right pattern to work with the space, at first and it can take some tinkering to get the patterns to look as I expect.

21 July 2016

Pink Little Flowers

The topper on this card is one by Hunkydory. A lovely delicate floral design.

The topper was only small, so I needed to add other embellishments to decorate this card, without looking the affect of the pretty topper

The flowers are are made with the Sizzix Thinlits Die Set - Flowers, Intricate, and the leaves from a different due set, I cut the leaves out in flock.

A nice delicate backing paper to complimentn all the shades of pink.

When I have a small topper, it is a challenge to make a card, as I will need embellishments to decorate the large space on the card, so it's nice to find a nice balance, like with this example

18 July 2016

Decoupatch Bauble

I was gifted some wooden embellishments and decoupatch papers at Christmas.
I've never worked with these fine patterned papers before, so was really pleased with this bauble

I used my white glue to stick the paper to the wooden embellishment, though I think I put too much on and it took longer to dry than I expected.

Just added some ribbon and jems to finish off the embellishment.

16 July 2016

Tea Cups ZIA

This is a Zentangle Inspired Art project that I created.

I used a simple cup drawing outline and decided how I would split up the individual cup images to add the Zentangle patterns

I really enjoyed creating this project, and wanted each cup to look different.
I also added a bit of shading using graphite pencils. I feel I could of gone much darker with the shading, however, I still very much enjoy colouring in my projects, so kept the shading ligher.

Would be cool to have a tea set like this :D

14 July 2016

Red Bauble Lady

I created the topper collage that I used on this festive card.
I played with some of the affects in PSP program to get shadows of elements in the topper, very creative process

I made a couple of embellishments, with red glitter card, to compliment the topper, staying with the bauble theme, and luck to have bauble backing paper too

I used Marianne D Creatables Bauble & Bell cutting die set, I love the pattern in these dies, but have always found them difficult to cut with.

11 July 2016

Butterly and Roses

I've had this pretty metalic butterfly and roses Decoupage design in my craft stash for ages.

Going for the colours to compliment this card was a tricky choice.
The obvious being pink, though the pink had a slightly different tone due to it being a metalic design. The brown and gold included add a warmth to the metalic design, hightlighing those tones in the butterfly and work really well with the rose patterned backing paper.

I kept the rest of the card simple, using a Marianne frame cutting die to complement the 3D topper.
Really pretty card, with lots of layers, giving plenty of depth

9 July 2016

Rhino Detailed Adult Coloured Art

This design is from Calming Art Therapy Colouring Book, one of the single page designs
This book is slightly larger than A4 in size and I got the hardbacked version

I have seen the title of Colourist to describe those that colour in detailed artwork like this.
I've thought of myself as Creative even, Artistic with the colouring in. Though not thought of myself as a professional colourist. Would be interested in visitors comments :D

Though this is a single page design, it is still quite a large project, and very detailed, with lots of varied zentangle patterns

This design already had some colour included,something I find quite frustrating as it meant I had to go with colours to compliment what had been added to the design
I worked in shades of Blue and Orange, quite a restricted colour scheme, so was quite a challenge.

I used Marco Raffine Art Oil Pencils, having a set of 72 gives me more scope for shading.

I have noticed that though there is a lot of varied patterns and some work quite nicely in a kind of order - such as the tusk - however, most seem to be slotted in. I find this can make colour work less balanced as each pattern area has to be planned seperately and can't always blend in with the ones next to it.

Overall I really like the finished project, and even managed a bit of shading in areas with the various shades of blue

7 July 2016

Tiger Detailed Coloured Art

I got a new colouring book recently, got The Menagarie.
It's a larger book. the designs being closer to A3 in size
I used Marco Raffine Art Oil Pencils to complete the colouring, working with shades of yellow, brown and green. With a touch of orange.

All the designs are of wild animals, and the detail is lovely. I have always had an appreciate of the tallent of artists, through my card making
However, with my own attempts at ZIA art, I can really appreciate what goes into such detailed artwork that I see is alot of the artwork in Colouring Books

This book is probably one of my favourites, each wild animal so very detailed. Each will take many hours of colouring to complete.

This Tiger is the first design in the book, love how the fur around it's head look like leaves.
With fine detail of course, comes lot of colouring and it is hard to do shading with such tiny section. So I opted for colouring in the areas packed with fine details with different shades to give a shaded affect.
And I think it's worked quite well, as the different shades hightly and shape the face so well.

5 July 2016

Dragon Fly Wreath

I got a Tonic Dragon Fly cutting die this year, and love the intricate pattern in the wings

I decided to make a card, using embossing folders and various cutting dies. I enjoy the challenge of combining the embellishments I make and using dies that I think will work well together

This card was made with various dies, the floral one being my favourite flower die, as it's very versatile. The patterned folder is one of my favourites, goes well with all kinds of themes, and good for a nice, tight detailed pattern

Really like this little project, and especially the lovely Dragon Fly cutting die

2 July 2016

Patterned Bird

I had a lovely set of patterned bird toppers, nearly used them all now, and this card is made with one of those toppers
The artwork reminds me of artwork in the colouring books I like to use, the zentangle artwork.

I used a pretty embossed mirror board for one layer, added an owl and couple of detailed leaves from cutting dies I have
Then added two more layers, in backing paper and textured card, I don't often do this many layers, but the topper was small enough to be able to fit them all in.

Love the affect and the colours

1 July 2016

Carriage in the Snow

Really like the vintage horse and carriage artwork, I have a small collection on one of my craft CD's
This snowy one is ideal for a festive card. Lovely detail too, such an interesting scene

I made the embellishment with a couple of different Pinecone cutting dies, the cones from

Signature Dies - Pine Cones and the branch from Marianne D Creatables - Pinecones & Branch