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I will be posting all my freebies on a Face Book Group to share high quality free art, both the collages and free ZIA projects for colouring.



30 October 2016

Vintage Ship

The design on this card is one from the large collection of vintage digital art I have.
I desiced to put a border around it to give it a more shabby chic look.

The rest of teh card is made up of backing paper and embossed card. Using lilac with the dark blues, picking up the lilac in the clouds on the design.

A simple, affective card.

27 October 2016

Boxing Fun

I made this card with a Debbi Moore, vintage design, a good one for those that love boxing, and remember the old boxing style.

Kept the card reasonably simple, as I wanted to highlight the lovely vintage topper.

The Star embellishments were made with material, it has a sticky backing, and quite thick, so only a few of my cutting dies will work with it.

However, the material adds a lovely textured feel to the card and complements the embossed layering.

24 October 2016

Flowersoft Poinsettia

I got my pots of Flowersoft out recently, a lovely product that I forgot I had and hardly ever used!

How many crafters can relate? You buy products, use them for a while, then they get pushed to the back of a drawer.

So decided to make a bit of an effort to use the lovely colours of flowersoft on this year's festive cards.
And it works so well when used on embellishments made with my cutting dies.

I had some of the metal stems left that I had planned to use, when I first bought flowersoft, and hardly did. I have a festive mixed pot that works really well for festive cards.
Also the Lea'bilities Wafer thin Die - Poinsettia, looks lovely when I added red flowersoft to the poinsettia flower, and painted the swirls that come with that set with bronse cosmic paint.
I also painted the holly, made with Marianne D Creatables Holly Branches, with green cosmic paint.

This lovely embellishment works well with the backing paper, and the flowersoft really adds texture. So crafters that love to use their cutting dies and have forgotten pots of flowersoft, go have a play :D


22 October 2016

Fancy Boot with Poinsettia

I love the backing paper used on this card, though it is a much larger pattern than I would normally use.

I tend to not make any larger than 6x6 cards now, so larger toppers, backing paper designs and cutting dies are things I don't use very often.

The boot, was made with Tonic Rococo Boot cutting die, I do love the detail, though it is a reasonably large die and can be a struggle to use it with a topper on a card.

Also the detail takes some cutting with my big shot. I often see demonstration on craft channels about using detailed dies in cutting machines. I love detailed dies, but they are very fiddly to cut, I have to use a metal sheet with this and still run it through the machine a few times.

I got my Flowersoft out recently too, trying to use it a bit more for this year's festive cards. Can anyone remember Flowersoft? I have a few lovely pots, such pretty colours and yet I hardly use it!

20 October 2016

Ram Zentangle Inspired Art

I used a Ben Kwok blank template to create this ZIA project

When I choose the zentangle patterns to use for a project, I sometimes get lucky and the combinations in the sections I use work really well.
one is the pattern used in the horn section of this Ram design.

I have not had time to add colour to this piece of art yet, and I'm looking forward to seeing how the patterns work then, especially around the face and eye areas. The look to frame the face well, amd I'm sure that will be more obvious when colour shading is added.
I so like how the Ram's chin looks like a ball of yarn (lol)

18 October 2016

Animal Art- Colourist Work

With being busy doing my festive cards for this year, I haven't had as much time to practice colouring work.

I do enjoy colouring in detailed artwork, and one as detailed as this is definately a challenge.
The design is a badger from The Menagerie, I coloured it in using Marco Raffine Art Oil Pencils. I tend to use the 72 pencil Marco Refine pencil set to colour in a design this large, so that I have more colour options in each shade.
Decided to work with 2 contrasting colours - red and green. The photo doesn't show the palest red that I used so well in this photo, but in the flesh the sweeping affect of changing shades works well.

It was a real pleasure working with such lovely artwork.

This design is from Cats Colouring for Mindfulness book, the designs are pretty detailed and are quite a challenge to complete. Though not large designs, which can be difficult when trying to colour the smallest parts.

Again I used Marco Refine Fine Art Oil Pencils to complete this project, as I had more colour options, for shading. Went for complimentary colours, pink, yellow and green, for this design

The lighter shades don't show up very well in photos, however, they do help the bolder shades stand out more, and of course give depth to the shading.

16 October 2016

Milk for Santa

I try and get a craft mag with free designs each year to do some of my christmas cards. This card I made with a backing paper and topper from a craft mag.

Both the topper and the pattern on the backing paper are quite large, so I wasn't able to add many other embellishments on this card.

I did like how I combined various cutting dies to make the simple embellishment, the pine cones cut out in bronze mirror card and the leaves in patterned mat mirror card.

Turned out to be a really sweet card.

Marianne D Creatables Leaves with Veins 

Marianne D Creatables - Pinecones & Branch