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24 January 2017

Bear Zentangle Art - colouring Tips

I'm sharing some info on how I add colour to my own Zentangle Designs,
I used a Ben Kwok blank template, of a bear and added zentangle patterns of my choosing. As always thinking about how I would add colour.

I try and add shading when I can to add depth to the coloured areas.
I have part coloured the face of the bear design.

How I add shading, is to start with the palest shade of a colour, for example, one of the bands on the bears face, I started with pale yellow.

 This photo shows were I have gone over part of the pale yellow with a darker shade, almost gold yellow

Already you can see the pattern developing a rounded appearance.

In the finished project, I have added dark brown, and that gives a more 3D affect to that section.
All the patterns in this design, have been coloured the same, either using shades of brown or shades of yellow.

I start with the palest shade, add a mid shade and then the darkest shade. Always working from the edges towards the middle.

This works quite well with most of the zetangle patterns I use for my ZIA.

Hope this helps other colourists with their colouring in projects and also when colouring in the free designs I offer too -

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  1. Gorgeous Trace, love the design.
    Linda xxx

  2. Love the zentangle patterns and all the wonderful, intricate little shapes you get. The finished picture is lovely

  3. Hi this is stunning. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  4. how cool....I need to try this!

  5. That is so detailed and interesting, I have never done that.

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