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17 January 2017

Dog Zentangle Art

This is one of my own ZIA pieces.
The outline template is one by Ben Kwok.

When I do a ZIA project, I try to use patterns that will enable me to use shading when I come to add colour.

Some patterns I can get to work well when I add colour and helps me improve my shading, however, other patterns I struggle to get any shading to work.

Colours, I often like to use contrasting colours to hightlight my designs, this one I used yellow and blue. The yellows are very pale, and those sections look almost uncoloured.

I now offer my designs for Free, uncoloured, for colourist who would like to use them - Free Zentangle Colouring Art and Collage Art


  1. WOW this looks fabulous!
    Linda xxx

  2. Great zentangle project today!! great job. and how awesome that you offer colourist project for people

  3. Hi this is gorgeous. Hugs Jackie


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