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10 January 2017

Stunning Deer Zentangle Coloured Art

I have a large collection of detailed art in books, that I enjoy dipping into, to colour.
This design is from The Menagerie book, a stunning collection of animal art, which are larger than A4 so take some time to complete.

I worked with WHS Spectrum Sings Pencils, using yellow, orange and purple.

When I finish a colourist project I do reflect as to what I wanted to achieve, and how I the project felt to work with. 
I have realised that not only am I practicing my shading and colour work, but I am also wanting to create a work of art.

Do others consider coloured in artwork, actually art?  I do believe they are, and find myself approaching a project with that end result in mind.

I do love how this completed art looks, the colours work really well, contrasting so nicely. I do enjoy working with zentangle patterns, using coloured shading to hightlight how the pattern is drawn, makes for an interesting challenge.

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  1. oh wow, this is one of my fav zentangles I have seen on your site


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