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14 March 2017

Desktop Art Workstation

I do alot more artwork, be it drawing or colourist work in my craft room.
The table I use to do all my crafting, is a computer table, and I use an adjustanble chair.
However, I found with the drawing and colouring work, I was getting discomfort in my neck and shoulders.

So I got myself a desktop Workstation, which sits on top of my table.

The workstation folds down flat, which is really useful when you don't have alot of space.
Also I was really pleased to find this workstation light to carry. the wood for the folding section is quite sturdy, but the top section is plywood, much lighter.

I got mine from Amazon, and it is A2 in size, at first I wondered if this would be too large. However, I am pleased to have the extra space when the station is in situ.

Also it can tilt higher, so painters could use it as an easel

One thing I didn't get, were clips. I wasn't sure I would need them, but then realised my roll with my pencils wouldn't stay at the top of the workstation, without being clipped in place.
So something to consider if anyone gets one of these.

I am really pleased I got this tilted workstation, it has ease the discomfort I was getting in my neck and shoulders quite alot, so its more ergonomic, which is a good thing for posture.
Now I will be doing more colouring and art 😉

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