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20 March 2017

Detailed Floral Adult Colouring

This colouring page is from a book, Craft Sensations Colouring Book, that I no longer have, I took out some of my favourite pages and donated the rest of the book to the Charity I work for.

I used the Marco Raffine Oil pencils I have to colour this design. I find I can blend these pencils better than my other set and I have the 72 pencil set, so lot more colours for me to work with.

I saw a video of a slightly different way to laying down colours, which I am practicing. The darkest shade layered first and then gradually lighter shades layered, to help blend away the colour lines that occur.

This is opposite to what I had learned, so it is taking some getting use to and I have had to adapt this technique already, as I find I don't always get the darkest layers in the right areas, if I put those down first.

However, I am happy with the end result, the flowers look nice, smooth coverage. And I am also not leaving so much white, I am colouring the lighter areas that I want in a very pale complimentary colour.
The larger flowers, I used Orange, Yellow and Cream, and the same for the smallest flowers.
The medium sized flowers are done in Dark Purple, Lilac and Pale Cream

The leaves I did the same technique working with Brown, Dark Green, and Pale Lime Green.

I didn't colour in the butterflies, as they are pretty small, and thought they would look better left monochrome.

This method I find is taking more layering, I will put down 3 layers, and quite often go back with the darkest and lightest colours again. Do like the finished project though, will continue to practice this blending and layering technique 😎

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